Vero Building Systems

Vero is a greener, safer, and faster way to build.

Last Funded August 2023


raised from 56 investors


COST: Our prefab system is an estimated 30% cheaper, compared to traditional building methods.
SPEED: Our Building Tech is known to reduce construction times by up to 40%.
VERSATILITY: Single or Multi-Family Homes, Office, Industrial - in any geometric shape.
TRAINING: Our support to builders and developers will ensure they can adopt our tech with ease.

Our Team

We started this business because our panels will provide a far superior end product that will keep families and communities safer from natural disasters, fires, stray bullets, even explosions, while competing with the lowest priced materials on the market. That means builders can build better, faster, cheaper.


We founded Vero Building Systems in response to the destruction we saw from Hurricane Michael, a disastrous Category 5 monster. It ravaged every economic level and every sector of the community, but hurt most those who were already struggling. We knew there had to be a better way to build structures that could sustain these storms that will inevitably hit our community. That search introduced us to the technology we’re using now.

The Vero Building System could have saved entire communities.

We have personally invested over $2 million to date to bring to the US Market a proven building system of layered concrete, galvanized steel mesh and polystyrene panels that would not only construct hurricane resistant structures, but make our schools bulletproof and our homes more safe and more fire resistant than anything else available on the market.

Vero is superior, stronger, safer, faster, greener, drastically less constrained by supply chains, and can solve the affordable housing crisis.

We are confidently entering the market with a proven and tested manufacturing process, collaborating with over 76 plants worldwide, over 4 decades of global success, and billions in sales. 

Right now, with ever increasing natural disasters all around the United States, supply chains dramatically strained, inflation soaring and safe housing more out of reach than ever before, now is the perfect time for us to enter the market.

Our first manufacturing facility opened April, 2023 and will is producing 17,600 sq. ft. of panels per day. That’s equivalent to a 5,600 sq. ft. residential home.

We are fortunate to have a team of proven industry leaders with decades of experience to help us bring Vero to the US marketplace and lead the way forward. Now, with our next plants on schedule we are ready to take on new investment partners to open the doors.

Our production only requires 2 raw materials; construction grade polystyrene and galvanized steel wire. This allows us to produce at a much faster rate and mitigates risks associated with global supply chain delays. We offer 13 different customizable product codes that can address every part of a structure from top to bottom. 

Our technology is globally recognized as a green building system and we are a green manufacturing solution, with no harmful emissions, and everything inside of our plant is recycled. 

Previously this tech has been hindered in the US market due to a lack of support/training for builders. We will overcome this by offering professional training and ongoing support to all our builders and developers with site visits to every project.

Building materials continue to increase in cost, supply chains are still strained with lag times longer than most of us have ever experienced and rising inflation isn’t helping either.

Our ability to essentially produce a full size residential home/per day, at drastic reduction in cost, makes our solution incredibly competitive at a time when it is desperately needed. Our wide offering of panels also allows us to address the rising demand for multi-family buildings just as easy as it is for us to address single family homes, or office and commercial for that matter.

Let’s compare stats for an average residential home:

Traditional building, assuming no delays, takes about 8 months to build-We could build the same in about 4 ½.

Average national cost to traditionally build a 2,600 sf home is roughly $485,000- Ours would be around $350,000.

Ours also is mold, humidity and pest resistant, fire resistant, can withstand a CAT 5 hurricane, is bullet and blast proof, and begins insulation ratings at R19.

Traditional construction accounts for 600 million tons of waste annually-We can recycle everything.

Our technology has been used/tested for 41 years, worldwide and outperforms all other methods to build. We don’t need years to R&D. It has already been done, and we are ready to go right now.

The opportunity to invest at this early stage will likely only happen once; right here, right now.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

While forecasts are an educated guess at an early stage, we believe it best to simply share our projections below and let the numbers speak for themselves.

*Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.