Unlocking value for buyers, sellers and creators of personal data globally

Last Funded October 2019


raised from 153 investors


Already raised $330K USD through notes and loans.
Successful pilot completed. MVP ready in May 2019.
10 network partners already committed totaling over 5 million 1st-party consumer relationships.
40 percent of the $76bn market research industry falls into our total available market.

Our Team

There is no existing platform that offers validated, privacy-compliant data linked to the same consumer across multiple suppliers that also pays incentives to the consumer. It's critical that businesses have access to accurate privacy-compliant data to make important decisions.

Invest in Veriglif and be part of the personal consumer data revolution.

In order to make good decisions and satisfy the ever-changing preferences of consumers, millions of companies around the world collect and analyze a  significant amount of personal consumer data every single day. This demand is increasing every year.

However, the challenges associated with collecting and analyzing personal data are also increasing (GDPR, we're looking at you). Many very large companies are already running into very big problems with their business models. What this means is that there is significant demand worth billions of dollars for verified, accurate, and permissioned consumer data that meets the requirements of increasingly stringent privacy legislation.

For over 2 years, we at Veriglif have been reverse engineering a dedicated solution to this very significant opportunity. This is not one of those fly by night ideas that will go the way of the dodo bird in a short period of time. Our founding team of 11 industry professionals have a detailed behind-the-scenes understanding of this problem, and what the solution needs to be. It's Veriglif!

Think of it as a digital platform that provides the connective tissue between buyers, sellers and creators of personal data, globally. 

Not just things like responses to consumer surveys, it can include any type of data (Internet Of Things devices, purchasing behaviour and habits, etc) that someone wants to give permission to use and be rewarded for. Specifically, there are 4 key advantages that are a very big deal:

1. Validate Identity

A major problem in the world of 'digital identity' is that it is really difficult to determine if someone is who they say they are, for real! It is a murky world tarnished by bots, fraud and multiple profiles. Veriglif introduces ways to confirm digital identities automatically in real-time. This is most definitely a win for for those wanting to make better decision based on a verified 'true picture' of consumer tastes, opinions and behaviour.

2. Link Data

Although much has been written lately about how much money some companies are making out of the consumer data they collect and analyze, there is plenty of value being left on the table. Not only does Veriglif enable the linking of various data sources in a secure and privacy compliant manner, we enable a higher volume of transactions to occur, in ways that weren't previously available. Consumers will also have greater control of their data, and have more opportunities to share the revenue generated!

3. Catalog 'Inventory'

There is no point creating the world's largest consumer data ecosystem if it isn't easy for everyone to participate and navigate. Network participants will have access to an easy-to-use catalog of available consumer data to link to their existing data sources, buy or sell existing research data, and do it all with clicks of a mouse. 

4. Transact securely

One of the most important features of Veriglif is the ability for all network participants to transact with confidence. With privacy legislation like GDPR making sharing and transacting consumer data more and more difficult, this is a big win.  Veriglif also provides a 'transparent supply chain' so that data buyers and sellers can confirm permissions were indeed granted for data to be used in the first place. Our technology stack includes an enterprise-grade 'Blockchain' technology component from IBM that reliably and transparently traces permissions and transactions through the supply chain. 

Why should you be as excited as we are?

We are all about connecting buyers, sellers and creators of personal consumer data. We are supporting industries that are collectively worth hundreds of billions of dollars to do what they are already doing, but way better. We are a B2B solution that solves real problems for companies that are looking for a solution.

Just like financial giants Paypal and Visa, we charge a very small fee (a few cents) on all transactions through our network. And just like the sharing economy giants AirBNB and Uber we do not own the personal data, but work with existing businesses who already have 1st party relationships in place. With millions of transactions already happening around the world everyday, we only need a moderate amount of activity to achieve our goals. Our transaction fee is separate from what is charged by data sellers within the network.

We don't own consumer relationships directly (our network partners do) which means we have an opportunity to scale quickly and tap into significant demand that already exists.

Very soon, our network partners will access the system to initiate transactions based on rules established by sellers. We also don't store personally identifiable information, only the encrypted 'hashes' (get in touch if you would like to chat about the technical bits). What this means is that we won't be running into any problems with privacy legislation.

We are already half-way through our full Road-map

In other words, we are almost at the point where we are generating revenue, and have reached our early targets of committed early stage partners.

What will we do with the funds?

We are almost complete the first stage of the network (May 2019) and will start beta testing shortly. This version allows us to identify and validate the same consumer across multiple data sources - all within the private enterprise blockchain and all within a micro-services architecture within Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Your investment will allow us to complete the second stage of the network. This version will allow the automatic creation a catalog of all available data on each consumer and to allow that data to be purchased in real-time. 

Stage two allows us to achieve revenue as we charge a network fee to consume the data in the network.