Verde Finance

The Robo-Advisor for Social Investors

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 22 investors


A massively unmet need with a monster global TAM ($300B) and a mission for financial wellness 💸
>91% of GenZ & >25% of Millennial's learn about investing through social media 🤳🏻
Overwhelmingly positive validation from Key Leaders and our 200+ Beta Users ❤️
Highly experienced & talented team of ex-FAANG leaders & engineers 💪🏻

Our Team

In the age of content creators and influencers, the need for true transparency and promoting strong financial literacy is imperative. New investors have developed a blind trust in social media, and many are damaging their financial future.

Verde - The new age of investing

Verde Finance is a modern fintech company on a mission to democratize investment analytics and build a robo-advisor for social investors

The Problem:




Robust Investor Tools: 

Our platform provides in-depth equity research and portfolio trackers to empower investors with the necessary insights to make informed decisions.

Social Community: 

Our users can follow and share their investments with friends and family, as well as discover notable hedge fund portfolios, fostering a collaborative and engaging experience that encourages investor confidence. 

Portfolio Tracker: 

Verde provides personalized resources to construct and improve your portfolio(s). This includes: Areas for improvement, analysis on your portfolio diversity, risk vs return ratio, visibility into holdings that are undervalued or overvalued, Verde scores for each holding and the overall portfolio, latest news, etc. ​

Automated portfolio management: 

We will build auto-investing, auto-rebalancing, and auto tax-loss-harvesting capabilities to enable investors to manage their portfolios effortlessly, minimizing the time and energy spent on manual adjustments.


Verde's timing could not be better. With the markets crashing and retail investors seeing the need to make well advised investment decisions, Verde is in a prime position for disruption

Revenue Model:

Verde has multiple streams of revenue: 

  • Verde+ Subscriptions: A very competitive subscription fee for our premium research ($6/month or $50/year)
  • PFOF (Payment-For-Order-Flow)
  • Stock Lending
  • Management Fee for fully managed accounts ​   

The Vision:

With very conservative projections that only factors a 0.33% market penetration in just the USA, Verde projects over $3.5M in revenue by 2024, and over $25M by 2027.

With our target expectations, Verde projects over $100M in revenue by 2027.

(Note: Projections are not a guarantee)

But Verde isn't stopping after our first release: 

  • With a massive opportunity to expand Verde Social into Web 3.0, Verde will support the ability to share crypto & NFT purchases
  • Verde Banking & Wallet's to directly invest in your favorite portfolios & projects

Verde aims to be the next great financial institution  

Our Team & Advisors:

One of Verde's strongest driving forces is our incredible advisory board. Each with their own unique backgrounds, they come to us with over 65 years of experience in finance, product growth and strategy. They are all highly active contributors.