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Invest in Vegnables

Vegnables are Plant-based, convenient, affordable and ready-to-eat lunches


Be part of one of the first products of this category!
Huge upside potential
Help revolutionize the industry
We have secured 5+ grocery stores and markets
We have sold orders on Kickstarter, Shopify and Etsy

Our Team

There is a huge void in the market and an emptiness on the shelves next to Lunchables and snack packs. Parents are looking for healthier alternatives for their children. Vegnables is the perfect option.

Invest in the future of Vegnables!

Market Opportunity

We have secured 5+ wholesale accounts (grovery stores and markets)

3 Flavors to start retailing @ $4.99/box

We are partnering with reputable brands to draw awareness and for cross-promotion

Our competitors include Lunchables, frozen meals and Starbucks meals. Our advantage: We are 100% plant-based, affordable and zero preparation is needed

Where we are going