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We create high-impact public investment products for vegan and green retail investors.
We serve the whole $30 trillion healthy lifestyle investor market, not just the top 1%.
Unique business model competes with Wall Street for the conscious investor market.
Strategic plan to invest $1 trillion into the vegan economy by 2025.
Mass-marketing our public vegan investment products helps more people go vegan!
We've helped vegan founders raise over $600K. Now we're scaling up our assembly-line funding system.
Over 300 people have registered into prior and current community platform iterations.
Successful 2019 paid membership trial led to $280K in seed capital. Current sales growing monthly.

Our Team

Ethical movements often create large new economies by shifting cultural values, but profits tend to get siphoned off by large conglomerates that continue to exploit animals, people, and the environment. As a successful environmental movement leader in the 1990's, I realized that finance is the ideal platform for creating lasting ethical progress.

A New Way to Solve Large-Scale Challenges


Vegan Launch pursues three main areas of business that work together to solve large-scale challenges facing animals, people, and the planet.

  • We help fund vegan startups.
  • We train vegans to be successful leaders in the fields of business, investing, and finance.  
  • We create and manage ethical vegan investment products for the $30 trillion public ethical investor market. 

This combination of financial leadership training and public investment product development allows Vegan Launch to facilitate large-scale ethical economic transformations not typically addressed by governments, charities, Wall Street banks, or venture capital firms. 

Vegan Launch generates revenue by selling recurring monthly memberships in our Financial Community and via fees earned from producing, marketing, and managing vegan public investment products.

When you invest via this Wefunder offer, you are purchasing shares of Vegan Launch, the parent company that trains vegan financial leaders and produces vegan public investment products, and you are not purchasing shares of any other vegan company or investment product.


The world over, caring people are frustrated by Wall Street's lack of leadership on the most important issues facing the planet. Wall Street banks are not creating meaningful vegan investment products. As a result, the general public is unable to invest in the thousands of companies that are doing the most to address the urgent challenges facing animals, people, and the planet. 

A few investors seek to invest directly in vegan startups via private offers or investment crowdfunding. While we heartily support these approaches, we also recognize that most investors in ethical startups will either lose all their money, or make tarnished investment gains via mergers or acquisitions with animal-exploiting conglomerates.

This central issue is "liquidity". Liquidity is the ability to convert an investment into cash. Inability to ever sell an investment in a startup for cash is one of the primary risks of early-stage investing. 

Today, major stock exchanges and Wall Street banks have a near monopoly on liquidity, exerting extreme influence on the kinds of investment products available to the general public. As a result, the public stock markets provide almost no opportunities for regular people to invest in early-stage vegan companies that are truly changing the world.

IPO's provide a liquidity path for only about 1 in 1000 companies that raise capital. The odds that any one private vegan company will go public are exceedingly slim. Instead, the primary liquidity options for smaller vegan companies that achieve some measure of success have been to merge with or be acquired by a larger company. 

We believe that blindly following the conventional liquidity paths of IPO's, mergers, and acquisitions will lead to tragic results for the animals and for investors in vegan startups. Without a new approach to liquidity, most of today's successful vegan companies will end up combining with animal-exploiting conglomerates just to provide their early investors an opportunity to convert their investments back into cash. 

These "shotgun marriage" mergers and acquisitions will crush the momentum of the vegan movement and the vegan economy, leaving the exploiting industries to control the pace of economic transition, just as they did with the organic food movement. Imagine where the electric vehicle industry would be today if Tesla had merged with a legacy automaker instead of remaining an independent economic leader!

Veganism can either continue to grow exponentially as an ethical movement and a vibrant economy, or "vegan" can just become another flavor option in the portfolios of giant conglomerates.


Vegan Launch is providing the platforms, financial approaches, and experience needed to assure that the vegan movement and the vegan economy continue to grow hand in hand, while challenging Wall Street to focus on what matters to vegans - animal rights, human health, and vibrant ecosystems. 

One of our main ethical liquidity solutions is called a Closed End Mutual Fund (CEMF). This type of mutual fund can trade on a major exchange while the companies in the fund's portfolio continue to operate as privately-held companies. This provides liquidity for all early-stage investors in the Fund's portfolio companies while eliminating the financial need for vegan companies to merge with animal-exploiting conglomerates. 

Emerging "secondary markets" are also creating stronger and safer liquidity options for companies of most any size. Secondary markets are platforms that allow shareholders in privately-held companies to sell their holdings to other investors in a controlled price and bid setting, not free trading. 

Until recently, secondary markets only allowed participation by accredited investors. With the advent of modern regulations allowing public advertising and participation in the investment offers of privately-held companies (such as Vegan Launch's investment offer that you're reading now), new secondary markets began emerging that allow controlled trading of shares in privately-held companies by the general public.

Between the rapid rise of financial technology, the growing acceptance of crypto currencies, and increasingly open financial regulations the world over, we are entering into what is being called a "liquidity tidal wave" that will change the face of finance and investing for generations to come. 

Vegan Launch is at the forefront of the new liquidity trend. We are developing new investment products and approaches that provide the greatest possible participation by people everywhere in creating a thriving vegan world. 

Today, Vegan Launch is offering you a chance to "vote with your investment dollars" for a whole new approach to funding vegan startups. Please sign in to Wefunder and invest $100 or more in Vegan Launch!


Movements create markets. Marketing grows movements. 

By funding vegan companies who market the vegan paradigm to the general public, and by designing and marketing public vegan investment products that further educate society, Vegan Launch is creating a business flywheel to help grow the vegan movement and the vegan economy.


Vegan business Founders need three things to succeed:

  • great mentoring
  • streamlined access to capital
  • vegan advisors, attorneys, and other professional services

Vegan Launch provides these vital ingredients via our eLearning and social community at, and by developing publicly accessible investment funds specifically to finance vegan Founders from their first investment check to liquidity. 


There are so many opportunities to transform the economy to align with vegan values. With opportunities this large and challenges so urgent, competition among vegan founders for money doesn't make sense. Instead, we are committed to training and funding every vegan founder who is willing to lead the new economy. 

Below is a summary of the vast vegan investment opportunities available today. 

Please read the "Methodology" section at the end of this page to learn how we estimated the overall size of global vegan investment opportunities.

Today, most vegan investing is concentrated in consumer packaged goods that provide plant-based analogs for animal foods. We feel it is time to broaden the scope of vegan investing to include plant-based lifestyle medicine, food service, and strategic investing in large-scale challenges such as ocean and forest ecosystem obliteration for which animal consumption is a primary cause. 

By using cutting-edge financial organizing approaches, Vegan Launch will be able to finance a wide range of projects from very small to very large that are typically not a good fit for traditional angel and Venture Capital style investing. 


There is no shortage of investors eager to invest in businesses and investment funds that can truly change the world. Green, healthy, and vegan investors hold $30 trillion in their public stock portfolios. 

Today, these investors are not able to express their ethical investment preferences due to the profound lack of such opportunities in the public investment markets. Perhaps as much as 99% or more of truly vegan investment opportunities are in young, privately-held companies that don't trade on any exchanges. 

Since 1933, investing in private companies has been primarily the exclusive domain of "accredited" investors, people with $1 million or more in their investment portfolios. However, from the chart below, we can see that vegan non-millionaires alone hold a whopping $1 trillion of public stocks! 

Please read the "Methodology" section at the end of this page to learn how we estimated the overall size of the healthy, green, and vegan investor market.

Aside from a tiny number of trading stocks, mostly on smaller exchanges, there are very few truly vegan, green, and healthy investment opportunities available in today's public investment markets to serve the interests of Vegan Launch's core market niche. We aim to fill this void and become the leading provider of vegan, green, and healthy public investment products to the impact-hungry retail investment market. 

Vegan Launch is organizing impact-oriented investors into a powerful economic force for good by creating new public investment products that support all privately-held ethical vegan companies so that ethical investors of any wealth status can buy in at every stage of business development, not just at IPO's.


Vegan Launch offers a truly new approach to social organizing. Instead of relying on volunteerism, charities, and political activism, we are organizing all investors (not just accredited) and all vegan business founders to directly build the future we want for animals, people, and the planet using today's new free-speech public venture capital rules and regulations. These kinds of modern finance laws are becoming increasingly accessible to Founders, Investors, and Organizers the world over. 

Inside the Vegan Launch Financial Organizing Community, members work together to prepare startups for financing and design financial solutions to challenges of every scale relating to animal rights, human health, and ecological vitality. Projects developed in the community can then be funded by community members at the best valuations, and then progress to funding via a Vegan Launch Closed End Mutual Fund (CEMF). 

CEMFs are not new, but few investors have heard about them. With Cathie Wood's​ recent announcement of Ark Invest's new "Ark Venture Fund", CEMFs are getting more attention because they allow the general public to invest in earlier capital rounds where potential asset appreciation (and risk!) is much greater. 

We believe it is crucial for the animals that every vegan who today can "vote with their dollars" for consumer goods can also "vote with their investment dollars" for the companies they love and want to see become tomorrow's economic leaders. 

Our CEMFs will be able to raise capital from the general public, invest this capital into privately-held vegan companies at any stage of development, and provide seamless liquidity options for all investors and companies. Seamless liquidity allows us to reduce investor risk, improve business outcomes, and assure continued growth of the vegan movement into the vegan economy. 

Because Vegan Launch CEMFs operate outside of the constrained investment thesis of Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, we aim to provide risk-tolerant capital to sustain a wide range of creative business models that can achieve long-term capital appreciation while producing the highest possible vegan economic impact. 

  • Our CEMFs will provide a single public marketing point for retail investors who wish to invest in collections of plant-based and vegan companies, reducing and ideally eliminating the need for these companies to raise money independently.
  • Investor liquidity is provided by the ability to sell shares in the CEMF

These two unique features will allow our CEMFs to invest in all types of companies. In contrast, angel and VC style investing is focused primarily on finding "unicorns", companies that will go public at valuations exceeding $1 billion. 

CEMFs are one of the most powerful and flexible financial structures available for creating broad, vegan-value economic transformation. Vegan Launch aims to develop a comprehensive collection of CEMFs that can finance the full spectrum of vegan businesses seeking capital today while providing ethical liquidity exits for impact investors.

CEMFs also offer the opportunity to engage the public in large-scale impact investment projects. For example, the oat-milk company Oatly's 2021 sales were a bit under 1/1000th of the $800 billion dairy sector. Oatly's market cap is currently about $3.5 billion. By extension, transforming the entire dairy sector is a $3.5 trillion market cap opportunity. 

Venture Capital firms for the most part aim to pick individual winners like Oatly, not directly transform entire sectors. Vegan Launch is building out the appropriate public financial toolset and organizing strategy for solving the multiple, large-scale challenges that vegans care about the most. 


Financial companies make money in a number of ways. One of the main ways is charging management fees on Assets Under Supervision (AUS). Management fees for larger pools of capital typically are in the range of 2% AUS. 

Perhaps the best way to understand Vegan Launch's earning potential is to consider the key business metrics of Goldman Sachs, one of the world's premier financial companies. The firm trades publicly on the NYSE, and their market capitalization was $142 billion as of September 10, 2021. 

Goldman's total revenue in 2020 was $44.6 billion, a little over 2% of their $2.1 trillion of total assets under supervision. Goldman's key metrics suggest that Vegan Launch's annual revenue could be approximately $20 billion once we reach our $1 trillion AUS goal. 

Goldman's 2020 net income was $9.5 billion or about 21% of total revenue. The company's 40,500 staff are among the highest compensated in the world. By using pioneering business methods and community engagement, we aim to at least match Goldman's 21% profit margin at $1 trillion AUS.

We believe the speed at which we can reach the $1 trillion AUS milestone is only constrained by rate at which we can develop and bring public vegan CEMF's to market, not by market size or demand for high-impact, public investment products.


Above we noted that Goldman-Sachs employs 40,500 staff globally to shape the world's economy. For Vegan Launch to reach $1 trillion AUS, we aim to train 10,000 vegan financial leaders in our more modern approach to vegan impact finance. 

To get a job at Goldman typically requires an Ivy League pedigree or other competitive advantage. Our needs are different. With modern finance, anybody with the desire can play an important role. 

There is an overabundance of financial opportunities in vegan impact finance, yet today, only a tiny number people have both the vegan ethical framework and the financial background to develop these opportunities into public investment products for the broad, $30 trillion impact investor market without training. 

Rather than try to convince Goldman staff to go vegan (the vegan companies in our community are working on that!), we believe it is more efficient to train people who already "get" the vegan paradigm to take roles of increasing responsibility in designing the vegan economy. 

The Vegan Launch Community is the leading platform for individuals who wish to be involved in the future of vegan and ethical finance to pursue education and training which step by step qualifies them to take on as much responsibility for the vegan economy as they might wish. 

Vegan Launch currently charges $100 per month for Community membership which includes all training opportunities. At 10,000 members, the Community alone will generate an additional $12 million in annual revenue while training the large numbers vegan ethical financial leaders required to safely transform the global economy. 


Now let's talk about the Vegan Launch Financial Organizing Community! Community members have three major roles:

  • Founders. Vegan entrepreneurs typically seeking seed or expansion capital. The reason the community exists is to remove roadblocks and accelerate their success!
  • Investors. People of any economic capacity who wish to invest in vegan startups and provide other support if they wish to do more than invest. As the community grows, we envision sub-communities forming for investors with shared interests.
  • Organizers. People who tend to naturally aggregate people and commitments for social progress. They might wish to veganize their city, region, or country, create modern investment funds, or contribute to growing the community.

The challenge with reaching our large investment goals is training enough vegans how to develop projects and manage funds. Today, these skills are taught in big MBA schools, however, those schools don't teach their students how to do impact investing at scale. The field of public capitalization into private companies is also quite new and not well-understood by most traditionally-trained investment professionals.  

We train vegans who want to learn finance but may not have prior financial experience as well as financial professionals who have gone vegan and now want to apply their talents to building the vegan economy. Vegan Launch community members can get started instantly with our flagship online training program, "Capitalism for Activists". 

In our experience financial professionals often need a fair amount of training to transition from traditional private investing into publicly-funded impact investing. We are training current and future generations of vegan "citizen financiers" via our online community's private eLearning system.


Today, the number of vegan educators and vegan businesses is growing rapidly day by day. These leaders are the at the forefront of growing the vegan movement. Unfortunately, the number of vegan financial leaders is not growing fast enough to handle the pent-up demand for ethical investing. 

To distribute large amounts of capital to wherever in the world it is needed most, Vegan Launch aims to train our first 100 "citizen financiers" in public impact capitalism by 2023 and help them design finance strategies for accomplishing their vegan economic leadership goals. 

If these 100 leaders each manages $10 billion of capital on average, that would allow the Vegan Launch community to reach our goal of $1 trillion invested in vegan-led companies by 2025. 

Meanwhile, we need to train vegan business founders how to receive and allocate this abundant capital, and teach public investors how our approach differs from investing in the kinds of companies that trade on the major exchanges today.

Currently, modest monthly membership fees help distribute the cost of providing this kind of valuable training programs and mentoring for Founders, Investors, and Organizers which increases the value and effectiveness of the community for every member. To our knowledge, this kind of education is not available in any MBA program or other educational setting. 

A portion of general operating capital raised for Vegan Launch in this investment offer will be used to scale up our online training program to prepare the largest possible number of Founders, Investors, and Organizers for allocating increasingly large sums of capital in new ways that provide strong financial returns while accomplishing clear, measurable vegan outcomes and peace-based economic growth. 


The Vegan Launch financial community is built from the ground up on modern public financial laws which allow the general public to invest in privately-held companies. Using the latest laws allows us to freely accept all people as members, whether they are accredited investors or not, to help finance early-stage, privately-held vegan businesses.  

This is a vital distinction between Vegan Launch and all other financial communities supporting private companies that we are aware of, including all other vegan private-investing communities. This distinction is especially important given that the largest and fastest growing cohort of vegans are those under age 50. According to the 2019 chart below, US vegans (like most people) are predominantly non-accredited investors.

Using our unique financial organizing model, younger and less-wealthy people can now work together to directly finance the kinds of companies they believe in rather than having these decisions arbitrated by VC firms who for the most part serve large, risk averse capital pools like retirement funds and endowments, and who are not familiar with the financial and impact advantages of well-designed vegan businesses or public early-stage finance.

Younger people are the most vegan, and the hungriest for change! In the past, young people cried out for change, but the very design of private finance prevented meaningful progress - until now.

In the Vegan Launch community, even young founders and investors can work together as peers to grow the vegan economy. Nobody in the community has to wait for permission from pitch competitions or VC fund screening boards. With investment minimums as low as $100, anyone with even a modest interest in investing can participate.

We project that at 10,000 members total, Vegan Launch will occupy a public mindspace comparable to major Wall Street firms, thus helping shift the focus of the financial world toward addressing the urgent issues that today are still largely left to charities and governments alone. By picking up where charities and governments leave off, Vegan Launch is providing a new growth opportunity for the vegan movement.


Animal industries are engaged in constant political and strategic activities to protect their monopoly on the public's understanding of food. A recent LinkedIn post by renowned vegan business founder Miyoko Schinner decried the degradation of the word "plant-based" at the recent Natural Products Expo West where she found "plant based" dog food that contained chicken.

This trend is already very dangerous for the vegan movement, the vegan economy, and the financial prospects of individual vegan companies. Two similar degradations occurred in the organic and environmental movements as they gained economic traction in the 1990's and 2000's. 

In addition to incorrect financial strategies, this degradation of meaning is an important reason why organic food remains only a tiny segment of the overall food market, and why climate change has continued to surge forward with only minimal economic change. 

Vegan Launch was designed specifically to eliminate the financial and political roadblocks to growth of the vegan economy by melding vegan activism with finance. Founder Mark Winstein is an experienced grassroots environmental organizer who played a pivotal role in changing laws affecting clearcutting on the US National Forests. His successes (and failures) in that pursuit substantially informed the design of Vegan Launch.

No individual vegan company today has the financial strength to compete with the animal products industry for mindshare of the global public. Vegan Launch is designed to achieve scale much faster than is possible for any individual vegan product or service company so that the vegan economy can grow without being derailed by the established animal industries. 

Tesla Motors recently created "Tesla Engage" to help their stakeholders defend against legislation put forward by legacy automakers specifically written to thwart growth of the electric vehicle and solar energy markets, and reduce Tesla share valuation.

By broadly opening up vegan investing to the general public, we can similarly engage millions of ethical investors in pressing politicians and other quasi-government bodies to encourage growth of the vegan economy and protect the value of their vegan investment holdings. 

When our economic and policy interests align with protecting animal rights, human health, and ecology at scale, the vegan movement can take full responsibility for vegan economic outcomes rather than playing defense against the degradation that has historically happened when ethical movements become ascending economies. 


Vegan Launch has demonstrated that our core constituency is willing to pay recurring membership dues to help distribute the costs of developing individual vegan businesses and vegan investment funds. Break even on membership revenue vs. operations is within sight. 

Now Vegan Launch is raising capital in the following sequence to fulfill our mission and lead the vegan public investment field. 


Step 1: $50,000
Standardize operations, prepare for growth, raise Step 2 capital.

Step 2: $200,000
Build out team, begin to scale up community marketing and services, raise $5 million micro-fund to prove out our community investment thesis, raise Step 3 capital.

Step 3: $750,000
Initial development of first CEMF, accelerate community growth, increase pace of project development, raise Step 4 capital. 

Step 4: $4 million
Complete legal compliance and raise first Vegan Launch CEMF of $5o million or more.


Membership: Recurring monthly membership fees for community members

Fund Management: 2% management fee for CEMFs


$250,000 Seed Round
$30,000 SBA EIDL and PPP loans


If you made it this far, thank you! As you can see, we are passionate about shifting the vegan economy, through financial training, and the creation of public investment products. We very much hope you’ll join us on this journey. We truly appreciate you being here with us. Together we can make a difference! Please feel free to share this funding campaign far and wide!

Mark Winstein, Founder & CEO

Chart Methodology

Market estimates are very important in deciding whether any company is worth starting or investing in. Because of this, gathering and interpreting data is a big industry in itself. Large firms and large investors can spend large sums of money collecting mission critical data. 

Most startups are cash constrained at the beginning, so for startups like Vegan Launch and the early-stage founders we mentor, there is Google and logic - which are both free! 

Below are details on how we used freely available data and logic to construct the numeric market information we used to rationalize our decision to launch Vegan Launch and to support the numeric estimates used in the charts included in this investment offer. 

Vegan Investment Opportunities - Chart Methodology

In 2020, we created a 120-page comprehensive internal report with the goal of identifying every possible way animals are exploited for commerce. Most of the noted figures in this report were  readily found by Googling "global spending" or "global market" along with the key industry or niche term. 

Many vegan investors and VC funds are attracted to creating plant-based food analogs for animal products. Our research and charts suggest nearly endless additional opportunities for vegan value investing. 

For example, plant-based lifestyle medicine is a rapidly growing field. What is the opportunity? Dr. Dean Ornish, one of the leading proponents for this field has frequently stated that 86% of overall health-care costs go to treat chronic illnesses that can be largely prevented and/or reversed via diet and lifestyle changes.  

A quick lookup on Google tells us that 2018 global health care was $8.3 trillion. 86% of that is $7.1 trillion. Estimating a conservative 5% increase attributable to industry growth and inflation between 2018 and 2021 puts the estimate of chronic illness related costs at $7.5 trillion as shown in the chart. 

We believe a well-financed plant-based lifestyle medicine industry could use its marketing power to educate large numbers of people about the true cause of their illnesses, driving down global demand for animal-based foods.  

Food Service is another appealingly large area for vegan-motivated investing. The vegan movement is known for pleading with restaurant chains to include vegan options. From our perspective, if we plan to educate the world about lifestyle medicine to shift values at a cultural scale, given the trillions of investment dollars in our investor market niche, it would make strategic investment sense to purchase large numbers of restaurants and veganize them to meet and further drive this future demand for healthy prepared meals.

We use a stunningly simple approach to calculating a conservative market capitalization for each industry in the chart. We feel it is safe to assume that most companies of any scale in these industries will operate at a roughly 10% annual profit. If the equities market conservatively values their stock prices at 10x profits, that means that the market capitalization for these industries is the same as their annual sales! In this way, we can quickly determine how much capital it might take to directly purchase businesses in the sectors we wish to transform. 

In practice, founders building their companies in the Vegan Launch community have developed fascinating strategies for transforming legacy industries without the need to purchase individual animal-exploiting companies outright. 

Healthy, Green, and Vegan Investor Market - Chart Methodology

Google advises us that the global market capitalization of publicly traded stocks is about $100 trillion. While this number may fluctuate day to day, we can assume that if fiat currency continues its inflationary march, the overall global public stock market capitalization will be up and to the right. 

We feel comfortable that the $100 trillion figure is a conservative starting point for estimating our investor market niche investment capacity because publicly-traded stocks represent only one asset class. Other substantial investor asset classes include privately-held equities and debt notes, real estate, currency, precious metals, crypto currencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), collectible cars, artwork, and more. 

To estimate our overall market niche of $30 trillion of public stock holdings, we refer back to the carefully studied Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) demographic which describes a type of consumer that actively seeks out healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, product, and service options, and who purchase based on values rather than price.

Google tells us that the LOHAS market is 23% of the USA population, 29% of the Japanese population and 33% of the New Zealand population, with other westernized countries following this trend. 

Our $30 trillion number becomes even more conservative when we consider that stockholders overall represent only about the top 56% of households in western countries.  If LOHAS consumers are 23% of the overall USA population, as top-tier consumers, we would expect them to comfortably represent as much as 40% or more of public stockholders. 

By similar logic, we can see from the 2019 demographics chart above that vegans are roughly 3% of the overall US population. Most other western countries have similar population percentages self-identifying as vegan. Because vegans are a sub-niche of the LOHAS demographic, we can project that they will also be overrepresented in the public stock investor market, giving us what we feel is a conservative estimate of $3 trillion in public stock assets held by vegans who place a premium on animal rights. People who self-identify as plant-based or vegetarian, but who may not self-identify as vegan increase our most accessible investor niche even more. 

Last, we divide the vegan investor market by wealth. There is a fair amount of data available on this. Google tells us that to be in the top 1% of global wealth today, an individual would need to control $11 million in assets. 

While the top 1% of individuals control an overwhelming percentage of global wealth, when we zoom in first on westernized economies, and then on the top half of those economies that hold public stock wealth, we get a much more nuanced estimate of wealth held by lower wealth tiers who until now have been almost completely excluded from making meaningful investment decisions that can affect the global economy by outdated private investment regulations and practices dating back to the 1930's. 

New finance regulations allowing more and more of the general public to invest in privately-held companies have opened the field of early stage investing to all investors instead of just the top 1%. Our research suggests that trillions of dollars of investment capital is today tied up in mostly status quo investments. We believe large portions of this latent capital could very likely be reinvested in vegan ethical ventures that expand animal rights, human health, and protect our life-supporting ecosystems.