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AI Financial Modeling for Banks: Harnessing a $70B SAM within $133T Global Bank Assets

Last Funded April 2024


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🥇 Secured $500K in Investments from Notable Silicon Valley VC's
🥇 Exceeded $110K in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
🥇 Demonstrated an Exceptional Lifetime Value (LTV) of $550K
Delivered an Impressive 5X Year-over-Year Growth Rate

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AI-Powered Financial Modeling for Banks

Vector ML Analytics is poised to revolutionize the financial sector with its AI-powered Scenario Optimizer and Recommendation Engine. These cutting-edge tools are particularly transformative for small to mid-sized banks, traditionally facing resource constraints in risk management and profitability analytics. With our cutting-edge platform, banks swiftly generate in-depth 5-year projections for balance sheets and income statements. This game-changer equips financial institutions to make bold, informed decisions, optimizing profitability, capital distribution, and liquidity.

Problem: Banks' Financial Reporting Methods Suffer from Limitations

Broken reporting systems, can cause CFOs to miss key insights, potentially leading to poor decisions, financial losses, or even bankruptcy.

Traditional financial models and Excel-based methods are showing their limitations in today's complex financial environment. They fall short in providing the crucial insights and simulations essential to identify potential risks and navigate market volatility effectively.

This deficiency severely inhibits financial institutions' ability to maintain stability and make informed decisions amidst the growing uncertainties.

Why Now: The Financial Crisis A Wake-up Call

The failures of Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic, and Signature Bank have been caused by persistent issues in the finance sector, as seen in the 1980’s and 2008. Years of low and stable interest rates and financial stability cultivate complacency.

"Economists foresee 'new era' of higher inflation post-SVB rescue" - CNBC

“Silicon Valley Bank because of ‘poor management,’ FDIC report finds” - CNN

This leads to underinvestment in critical areas like risk analysis, financial planning, and simulation tools. Now, more than ever, this vast financial landscape demands a transformative approach. To ensure the stability of our financial future, there is an urgent need for innovative tools that assist financial institutions in navigating the ever-changing market conditions.

Solution: AI-Powered Financial Modeling

Scenario Optimizer: A strategic tool enabling banks to proactively manage their financial planning and asset liability with advanced AI-driven simulations. This optimizer provides CFOs at small to mid-sized banks with predictive insights that help them navigate through complex financial landscapes and make decisions that align with their risk appetite and profitability goals.

Recommendation Engine: A sophisticated analytics platform that aids CFOs in making informed decisions on financial planning and asset liability management. The engine processes vast amounts of data to furnish CFOs with actionable advice, optimizing balance sheets and enhancing financial performance without the need for large, specialized data teams.

These offerings from Vector ML Analytics are reshaping the capabilities of CFOs in smaller banks, allowing them to operate with the foresight and strategic acumen that was once the domain of larger institutions with extensive resources.

How It Works

Vector ML Analytics' platform elevates financial reporting and decision-making to new heights by harnessing cutting-edge AI and advanced simulations. It simplifies data collection and analysis to deliver CFO reports swiftly and incorporates over 20 sophisticated FP&A and loan performance models for quicker strategic decision-making.

The platform's crown jewel, the AI-driven Scenario Optimizer, accelerates financial projections by 90%, offering a more cost-effective solution than conventional methods. This suite of tools not only enables smaller banks to robustly compete by marrying regulatory compliance with profitability but also equips them with unparalleled insights into market dynamics and risks. Financial institutions, therefore, are empowered to proactively manage risks, capitalize on opportunities, and adeptly navigate through market volatility, thereby redefining their standing in the financial industry.

Enhanced Efficiency

Vector ML Analytics' platform is engineered to turbocharge ROI for banks through its suite of AI-driven tools, delivering results that are quantitatively superior to traditional financial modeling and analysis methods.

In terms of ROI, these enhancements mean banks can achieve a significant reduction in labor hours—up to 50% for complex analytical tasks—while simultaneously increasing the potential for revenue generation through more accurate and timely financial advice. The end result is a dramatic upswing in operational efficiency, culminating in an optimized balance sheet and an enhanced competitive position in the market.

  • 90% Time Efficiency
  • 20X Output Increase
  • 500% Faster Insights
  • 80% Cost Reduction

Vector ML Analytics thus offers a transformative solution that propels financial institutions toward achieving heightened profitability with smarter, leaner, and more agile operations.

US Banking Assets Hit $25T With a $12B SAM

Revenue Model

Subscription-based ARR Model: As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, we offer direct/API portal access to our advanced financial forecasting platform. Our clients subscribe to annual plans, tailored to their specific asset size, with pricing ranging from $50K to $250K ARR.

Our Team: A Foundation for Success

Sadeq Safarini: CEO & Founder and Jade Clarke: COO & CO-Founder

Vector ML Analytics, founded in by industry veteran Sadeq Safarini, who has worked at 7 financial institutions, notably growing Dealnet Capital, a publicly traded firms loan portfolio from $50M to $200M.

Alongside him is Jade Clarke, our COO, with a background in compliance and marketing, responsible for expanding our customer base and raising significant capital. Rounding out our leadership is CTO Phillip Morgia, who guides our technological direction, ensuring the delivery of industry-compliant and scalable products. Together, our team is united in its mission to provide banks with revolutionary tools that prioritize profitability and sustainable growth.

Why Invest in Vector ML Analytics?

With a proven track record and recognizing the vast potential of the current banking crisis and the demand for advanced financial simulation tools, we are seeking funding to expand our reach. By doing so, we aim for a staggering 500% increase in our revenue and client base. This will position our company for a subsequent investment round at a significantly higher valuation, ensuring we are well-prepared for future growth demands.

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Vector ML Analytics - Bankers Fintech Council

Vector ML Analytics - Wisconsin Bankers Association

The Lean Startup Method and LTSE Vision

Our long-term aspiration is to explore a listing on the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), founded by Eric Ries, the author of "The Lean Startup." We're honored to have Eric Ries as a member of our advisory board, which further solidifies our alignment with the principles of building a durable, community-centric enterprise. The LTSE's emphasis on sustained value and corporate responsibility. It highlights our aim to prioritize our mission over immediate gains, align compensation with long-term performance. By doing this, we hope to make a positive impact in the realm of financial analytics in banking and lending.