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Our Team

We chose this business model after watching the insanely inefficient use of resources from the perspective of patients, paramedics, nurses, NPs, PAs, MDs, Clinics, and Hospitals. We care because we want to ensure access to timely preventative care, screenings, and access to definitive care, rather than watch problems deteriorate to emergencies.

The UrgentEMS Concept

Every year almost 900,000 Americans die from preventable causes such as: lower respiratory disease, stroke, and injuries. Even worse is the number of survivors forced to live a quality of life that is less than they deserve. This creates a burden for patients, family members, and caregivers.

After decades on the frontlines of a failed infrastructure, Paramedic, Matt Lottinger, decided he needed to do something about it. That’s why he spent 20 years developing and creating the Urgentems concept.

Urgentems is an emerging healthcare platform designed to lower premature death rates by bridging the gap between telemedicine technology and existing emergency transport and urgent care infrastructures.

Backed by front-line workers and physicians alike, Urgentems has the network infrastructure it needs to change healthcare as we know it.

Here's what we aim to provide:

  • Access to 24/7 to medical triage for members to focus on your needs.  As members ,we will match your profile to medical complaints and resources. 
  • When necessary, we will arrange telemedicine consultations with NP, PA, and MDs.
  • When necessary, we will dispatch community care paramedics or an emergency ambulance for transport for hands on care.  
  • We will facilitate clinical appointments and testing.
  • In emergencies, we will provide rapid triage prior to the arrival of emergency ambulances.