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Urbie Inc.

Urbie Air: The most eco-friendly 4-in-1 air purifier

Last Funded February 2022


raised from 51 investors
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🌳 Breathe cleaner fresher air free from 'Silent Killer' chemicals like Formaldehyde and benzene.
🚀 Uses 100% Bio Air Filters. Save our planet from polluting HEPA Plastic filters.
🔖 Your investment will fund inventory and purchase orders.
🚀 4-in-1 Smart Technology. Air Purifier, Dehumidifier, Self-watering Planter, and Ionizer
🦄 We aim to develop 5 products in the next 5 years related to green and clean tech
💚 You're taking part in a startup that'll change the way we interact with home appliances
🏭 You're investing in 2 passionate brothers who believe in pollution-free living

Our Team

I love nature, and I believe we can learn a lot from it. Living in cities has its upsides, but it also drains us emotionally, physically & mentally. We are constantly exposed to toxic car fumes, harmful substances in our drinking water, loud and noisy cars, and bright street lights. My goal is to get rid of pollution one product at a time.


How it all started

While this was always hidden from the public, we are now finally mentally and emotionally ready to share the why with the world.

We're two brothers and business partners (Bassel on the left) and (Bill on the right) who hate pollution, especially ones that have a direct impact on our health.

Our strong feelings towards pollution and specifically "Volatile Organic Compounds" started back in 2015 when we learned that our beloved father had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a type of cancer that targets the bone marrow. Cancer doesn't run in our family so it came as a shock to all of us.

He's been fighting for the past 7 years and never stopped, a definition of a true warrior.

After tonnes of research on what could've possibly caused his Myeloma, we learned that VOC's could've been a major factor, especially since his line of work was in interior design and furniture fabrication. According to the American Lung Association, VOC's can cause cancer.

Fast forward to 2019, my brother and I decided to start a company dedicated to fighting city pollution and reducing its harmful effect on our health. While Urbie Air is our first product, we plan on launching many products in the future aimed at addressing Air, Water, Noise and Light pollution.

And this is when Urbie Air was born.

Our Pitch Deck

Lisbon web summit
Lisbon web summit 2019



2% of Urbie's Annual Gross Income will be invested in our global NGO initiatives. We have many projects planned in our NGO which is the driving force behind Urbie's creation.

Our projects are aimed at:

1) Tackling water shortages in arid regions due to drought and climate change

2) Building low-cost self-sustaining housing in rural regions with a lack of access to electricity, clean water, and sanitation

3) Developing dew collectors for rural farmers designed to yield the most amount of water per cubic sq.

4) Addressing excess CO2 by planting trees and utilizing science and technology aimed at reducing the carbon footprint

By investing in us, you're investing in the future of our kids and the many generations to come. We have big goals and ambitions to get rid of pollution both urban and global.