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Invest in Urbie Inc.

Tackling Urban Pollution through smart Green Tech products


πŸ’° $230k in crowdfunding revenue from our first product Urbie Air Purifier
πŸ”₯ Top US retailers signed purchase order letter of intent (Sharper image, William Sonoma, Urban O.)
⏰ Timing is perfect, we're market-ready, your money will go straight into funding inventory
πŸš€ You will take part in a booming industry that is expected to grow to USD 22.80 billion by 2028!
πŸ”– Utility patent pending in the US and the EU
πŸ¦„ Our goal is to develop 5 products in the next 5 years
πŸ’š You're taking part in a revolutionary startup that'll continue to develop sustainable technology
🏭 You're investing in 2 passionate brothers who believe in pollution-free cities

Our Team

I love nature, and I believe we can learn a lot from it. Living in cities has its upsides, but it also drains us emotionally, physically & mentally. We are constantly exposed to toxic car fumes, harmful substances in our drinking water, loud and noisy cars, and bright street lights. My goal is to get rid of pollution one product at a time.

My Pitch

Over 50% of the population lives in urban areas today, By 2045, the world's urban population will increase by 1.5 times to 6 billion, pollution is on the rise as well as the direct risks on our health.

Urbie Inc. is a green-tech company making smart innovative products to solve all sorts of urban pollution (Air, Water, Sound, & Light). We are on a mission to make our life healthier and happier with a combination of nature, technology, and design. 

Bridging The Gap Between Nature & The Urban World

The convenience of city life makes it hard to leave. You have everything within easy access via public transportation, a short drive, or even walking distance.

We're two brothers and business partners (Bassel on the left) and (Bill on the right) who despise pollution and we believe that preventive medicine is the best cure for many illnesses, so we started experimenting with different product ideas. Fast forward to 2019 Urbie was born.

Our company Urbie was initially established in Rennes, France back in 2019. It received a lot of interest from US clients so we decided to move our operations to the United States. 

Lisbon web summit tradeshow 2019


Financial Projections

Disclaimer: These are forward looking projections and can't be guaranteed

UrbieAir is our first product that improves the health of our indoor environment

"I wanted to create an experience and not only an air cleaner " 

"We made sure to make it as user-friendly as possible and fun to use, yet to make it Aesthetically Elegant and Decorative"

The Gadget mimics what nature does by circulating the air through its biomass/washable filters, collecting humidity from the air, and recycling the water for the plant. This process will boost the negative ions in the air just like in nature and create a similar experience.

Specially designed LED Grow light creates an optimal environment for the plant to grow while enhancing the aesthetics.

The built-in water tank with a self-watering irrigation system operates in accordance with system settings and sensor data, supported with a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform. Sensor data includes for example water level, humidity, and temperature. Watering cycles and quantity are optimized for plant health and for indoor humidity optimization. The fan operates according to environmental conditions. Sensors also deliver warnings for service and environmental conditions, such as low water tank levels.

Utility Patent-Pending in US & EU!

What separates an idea from reality is execution. When one person has an idea, ten people have the same idea. worked daily for hours on end to add every feature and benefit that could possibly be added to Urbie Air Purifier we have filed for a United States and EU Utility Patent. Now the waiting game had begun.

We are ready for Mass Production

βœ“ Tooling is ready for mass production of 200,000 units

βœ“ Electrical boards & Assembly line is ready

Our first golden samples that went out from the tooling

Product & Complimentary Accessories

Revenue Model


We have many projects planned in our NGO Our projects are aimed at:

1) Tackling water shortages in arid regions due to drought and climate change

2) Building low-cost self-sustaining housing in rural regions with a lack of access to electricity, clean water, and sanitation

3) Developing dew collectors for rural farmers designed to yield the most amount of water per cubic sq.

4) Addressing excess CO2 by planting trees and utilizing science and technology aimed at reducing the carbon footprint

By investing in us, you're investing in the future of our kids and the many generations to come. We have big goals and ambitions to get rid of pollution both urban and global.