The fast-growing global pool of highly qualified, vetted software developers

Last Funded January 2022


raised from 327 investors
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💸 Bootstrapped company: from zero at founding in 2017, to $12M run rate revenue milestone in 2021
💼 Clients include Intercom, MealPal, IKEA, Taskrabbit, Juul, and Invision
👏 37% Gross Profit Margin
➚ 340% revenue growth from 2018 to 2020
🍴 Helped MealPal build their tech team and raise $35M
🌎 Crossroads of 4 massive markets: Recruiters, job boards, freelance platforms and Dev Shops/Outsourcing
🏠 Perfect time: COVID-19 has companies going (and staying) remote—Upstack is fully remote & distributed globally
🐟 Successfully moved upstream to enterprise & Fortune 500 companies, & robust plans to continue this trajectory

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Why Upstack?

Upstack provides an all-in-one remote talent solution for fast-growing companies. This innovative platform boasts 340% growth from 2018 to 2020, a 37% Gross Profit Margin, and helps companies easily hire, retain and motivate remote software talent to build successful products.

Searching for and vetting qualified software developer candidates can take weeks or months, and many companies don’t have the time to spare in their roadmaps. Our all-in-one solution provides vetted, proven developers immediately.

Upstack offers an ever-growing, global pool of highly qualified, rigorously vetted software developers. Our proven process makes it easy for a company of any size to scale their team effectively and on demand in a matter of days.

Among 120+ highly satisfied clients that have had a chance to work with one of our 1500+ qualified software developers are Intercom, MealPal, IKEA, Taskrabbit, Juul, and Invision—and this list is growing fast.

Our clients have raised over $1.4 billion, and Upstack made $6.9M in revenue in 2020 alone. We have a 37% gross margin on all invoices and have seen a staggering 340% growth in 2020 over 2018. And we’re still accelerating fast.

We’re at the crossroads of 4 massive, fast-growing markets (over $30B TAM): recruiters, job boards, freelance platforms and Dev Shops/outsourcing. Big names like LinkedIn and AngelList are moving into the recruitment sphere, and sites like UpWork are doing our legwork of educating the market on this opportunity.

Our clients are backed by some of the largest VC firms in the world—including Comcast Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, Menlo, and Accel. We have helped these startups recruit software talent and products that change the world.

We have robust plans to rapidly expand our enterprise footprint, build out our referral program, invest back into the developer community, and reach $1B valuation unicorn status and beyond! 

*These are forward-looking projections and are not guaranteed

It works because it’s simple: Upstack charges clients an hourly rate and pays developers an hourly rate—making an average margin of 37% on invoices. Our gross margin allowed us to spend $332k on ads in 2020, increasingly bringing in new leads and growing our revenue exponentially.

Hiring remotely is becoming a global challenge, and big players are starting to move into the space. Upstack already has the developers, technology and brand to scale towards collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and building a community of happy, loyal developers—the lifeblood of most companies. Now, we just need investors to help us capitalize on our momentum and scale fast to dominate this niche.