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Upper Health Inc. is a Delaware C-Corporation that saves lives by design.

The existing American healthcare system is designed to make and keep humanity sick. In fact, it is so far gone, that it is irreversibly the worst existing health system on planet Earth. It cannot be rebuilt from.

My name is Sara Auld, and I've dedicated my life to developing a nature-first healthcare system - from scratch - for the American people; one that saves lives by foundational design.

Incidentally founded out of my 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation (2017), newly re-established as the Upper Foundation, Upper was born good.

Our design for the Providers: Independent brands and providers ("Specialists") apply to Upper Health Inc. to communicate and operate as one unit under our administrative system-shared: Policies, Procedures, Clinical Protocols, Operational Processes, Referral Tools, Continuing Education, and more. Our single entity integrates and oversees hundreds of Specialists, supporting them at the foundational layer as one clinical team and navigational structure.

Upper's infrastructure creates new patient point of entries and new pathways, providing direction throughout the entire natural healthcare and lifestyle industry.

At the core of our infrastructure, consumer points of entry, and their direction for living, we believe that people don't [always] need medical advice, they need a better life.

By simply AVOIDING sick care businesses, services, products, and environments (unnatural, chemical, lab made, synthetic, produce side effects, etc.) - a simple change in day-to-day direction - Upper creates the long term compound effect for better human health and life. The best part for the consumer? The healthiest decisions are officially effortless; they're everyone's first option.

  1. Sick Events trigger purchases > Upper's natural prescriptions and protocols;
  2. Natural protocols are and lead to lifestyle medicine services & routines;
  3. After lifestyle medicine care, patients are followed up with and lead to personal environment assessments (home and land), and personal environmental design services (environmental hygiene, design, renovation, homesteading and agriculture landscaping, and more).
  4. Environmental design triggers mindless [positive] behavioral changes
  5. Patients are then offered product changes via our natural pharmacy
  6. Natural pharmacy includes local farm food and grocery services/products, which lead to ultimate and lifelong physiological optimization, and the reduced risk for ever needing western medical interventions (i.e. drugs, surgery, etc.)

Our design for the Patient: Individual consumers (D2C) come through Upper Medicine P.A. for [initial] natural prescriptions/plans, and quality care management. Patient-centered and personalized treatments include prescribed services and/or products via our in-network independent brands and providers (the "Specialists"). Patients are then lead to and through lifelong nature-first lifestyle resources (i.e. all products, home, land, etc.)

The Human (Consumer) Journey:

  1. SYSTEM ENTRY POINT: Initial Clinical Visits - for urgent/pressing needs;
  2. Labs, Imaging, and all natural and traditional Pharmacy services/products
  3. Nature-first and Lifestyle Medicine Services (In-network Specialists)
  4. Natural and Lifestyle Pharmacy products
  5. Environmental Design Services (Home + Land)
  6. Local Farm Food/Grocery

The Biggest Company in the World:

Our TAM, SAM, SOM is - without explanation - the biggest in the world. Need more? Click here to read this article by a16z outlining our potential in a $4T market, while naming our competitors... (who we're friends with, by the way).

Our Model:

Historically, we sell 100% of the in-network services and products direct-to-consumer (D2C) for a 10% transaction fee of the total cost. By 2025, we are evolving our model to private individually negotiated percentages of every sale (all labs, imaging, appointments, and products), with a minimum requirement of 10%.

Our scalability lies in our infrastructural efficiency: The internal referral and prescription design of every offering.

As of 2024, we offer users a monthly membership of $20/mo for discounts on all services and products, and to target monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Our Success: Through perpetual research and experiments

Note 99% of the below was achieved with only one employee (the Founder)...

  • Over 70+ vetted in-network brands
  • Over 130+ locations nationally
  • Estimated between 500 - 1,000 licensed Providers;
  • 59 obsessed customers at 319+ successful payments (repeats)
  • 50+ pre-sold Upper Memberships (these are self-funding the launch of Upper Medicine P.A.)
  • ~$60,000 in total sales thus far... before that first membership draft.

"I have never felt more seen and heard. I don't have the right words to truly explain how I feel in this moment. However, there is no amount of pills or therapy that will ever compete with the community that upper has brought to my attention, that is in my corner. I had no clue that this could even exist."

- A real patient named Sarah

Our Go-to-Market is community, relationships, and communications:

  1. Health System Executive Suite, inclusive of an Executive Provider Leadership Board ("EPLB")
  2. EPLB Process + Engagement Innovation; Provider led engagement and distribution
  3. Total Network Process Implementation + Trainings (on-site onboardings / hiring events)
  4. Hospital and Emergency Medicine Integrations (Collaborative Care, B2B Payment Contracting for Outsourced Patient Care, Discharge Referrals, etc.)
  5. Quality Service as Marketing (Word of Mouth) via customers
  6. Infiltrate All Healthcare Communication Lines; we aim to offer more and more administrative support to our in-network providers annually, from appointment booking, to front desk and triage of care inquiries, to patient follow up, and more. Such support requires access to care communication lines, as a strategy to first centralize, then triage, for the natural healthcare industry.

We're building from scratch, which means building as though America's "traditional" (also known as the industrialized) health system never existed. We have to go all the way back to the basics - literally nature. Ironically, this is also what humanity wants and needs.

Upper represents and manages it's own entity, as well as Upper Medicine P.A. Between the two, we have a team of 12 people. The majority of whom remain loyal and followed Auld from every previous company and position she held, managed, or was even employed by.

Not a single person on our team came for the money, still fully aware of what the potential is.

A 3x Founder who has set national franchise records, Sara (Auld) Lloyd is a former Certified Personal Trainer who treated serious to fatal health conditions. She grew up rural in Upstate New York with a loving and very homestead family life.

They practiced pharmaceutical sobriety using their own natural strengths and resources. Her family's major financial hardship allowed her to begin assisting and providing for their unit from the age of 12, which gave her purpose.

Her unwavering love and fascination of people, nature, and their combined super powers - stirred with premature do-or-die responsibility - gave Sara the relentlessness and skills to succeed always. She is a first generation college graduate with an obsession for her work.

She permanently resides in Wilmington, NC with her husband, Travis Lloyd, the Regional Vice President of Lower Local (, where they enjoy their home, garden, biking, boating, and a proud debt free lifestyle.

The below terms apply to 100% of every investor we have ever raised from, and are the same terms for this round:

  • Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)
  • $7,000,000.00 Valuation Cap
  • 20% Discount

ASK BEFORE YOU INVEST. We meet with all of our investors and are very choosey about who we allow into such a huge mission where character, morals, integrity, agenda, and aligned beliefs are the most important thing for our future. We are solely focused on success through good people.