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Venture News

The Supernatural!!

on Jan 20 2019

Written by Mathew Naismith

I am not seeking truth, all I am simply doing is seeking honesty, especially self-honesty in others and myself. Truth is limited to what we are aware of, honesty has no such limitations, unless we impose limitations on honesty through our ideologies and isms. The following post is simply about my own self-honesty, as I suppose all my posts have been about to date.  

Supernatural: Once you become truly at one with God, what then makes a God? So once you are truly of supernatural powers, what then defines supernatural, what higher power is then not natural to you? So supernatural comes down to this, if it is not natural to you at this point, even of the point of human existence as a whole, it is classed as being supernatural!! Don't' get me wrong, it is quite understandable to someone like me that we perceive what is and isn't supernatural, I however don't myself agree with this perception as it is merely a perception created by our own antiquated state of mind, a mind that still holds onto the mentality of throwing rocks (missiles) and stones (bombs) at each other.

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