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That Christmas Movie

Picture Is Locked!

on Jul 2 2018

Mom and little Nicky.jpg

Beth Littleford (who plays the mom) and Elliana Clingingsmith (who plays a younger version of our lead in a flashback) in a fun moment taken from our movie. Or maybe they're just happy that we locked picture?

We've locked picture. That means that the edit is finalized, and the visuals will not change. It also means we have sent it to the various finishing labs -- sound and color. A highly skilled colorist is going to make final adjustments, which take a few weeks. Some adjustments are technical, some are artistic (based on my decisions).  Here's a quick explanation of the process

The sound department will be doing a bajillion little adjustments to all the sound. No small task is the Foley. That's reproducing all the human-made sounds in the movie. They have to do that for consistency, but also for the foreign versions. In the original version, and actor may walk across the room and we can use those footstep sounds. But in foreign versions, they remove all the original dialogue and dub it another language. That means all the footsteps, sounds of people getting in and out of chairs, opening and closing doors, etc., will be gone. No problem -- all the Foley recorded by us will be put in along the new foreign dialogue track.

All the sound works takes about 3 weeks, and it also includes dialogue editing, cleaning up extraneous noises, etc. We will also bring the actors in for a day to have them replace any dialogue that can't be cleaned up because an airplane was flying overhead during the take (for example).

Our wonderful composer is also finishing up the score, and we are buying some pre-existing songs, too. In a few weeks, the sound mixers will mix it all together in Dolby 5.1 on a very impressive sound stage.

I don't think we'll be able to do a July premiere at this point, but hopefully the first week of August will work. I'll keep you all posted! The main thing is that we're on track for a holiday 2018 release.

This Is What a Modern Movie Looks Like -- 36 Terabytes of Data!

All the work of the last year is living on these hard drives. (Yes, we have backups. Three of them, all in different physical locations!)
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