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That Christmas Movie

You Can Help Even Without Investing

on Oct 24 2017

Hello. As we enter the last days of the campaign, we grow closer to our maximum goal of $309,000. We're 77% of the way there. You can help by spreading the word. A little about numbers --- there's something called a "conversion rate," and it's the rate by which visitors to a web site convert into buyers (in our case, investors). For equity crowdfunding campaigns, the average conversion rate for a campaign is .5 per cent.  In other words, 1 out of ever 200 visitors will invest in the average campaign. But our conversion rate in this campaign has never dropped below 2.9%! (And sometimes was as high as 6%.) That's an amazing number and we're understandably proud of it. It's almost 6 times the average, and it means that people get what we're doing, and they want to see our family Christmas comedy get made. But we have to get the visitors to our page in order to convert! That costs ad dollars spent on Facebook. We're happy to do that, but every dollar spent on an ad is a dollar that we can't put on the screen. So we're asking you to please spread the word in these final days of the campaign. Help people find us. Please send them a link to this campaign: and please LIKE our Facebook page and our ads if you see them -- because the more people like our ads and such, the less Facebook charges for the ads, which means more dollars up on the screen! Here's our FB page:  Yes, believe it or not, your one Like actually makes a difference. And post about us on your own Facebook page. This *really* makes a difference. We need to get around 140 more investors to reach our maximum -- and you can make that happen. Many thanks! -- David Willis