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Dealflicks is Your New Best Friend for Discounted Movie Tickets

on Aug 31 2015
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Did you know that 88% of theater seats are empty after opening week for any given movie on any given day? Sean Wycliffe does, and he also knows how to get more butts in those empty seats — and those butts could be your butts. Dealflicks is the startup that gets you the best ticket discounts to movie theaters near you.

That Empty Theater Feeling

Know that feeling when you walk into a theater at 2pm on a Tuesday only to find out that you’re the only one there? Sean Wycliffe, founder and CEO of Dealflicks, sure does. It was that very feeling that inspired him to start Dealflicks.

“I saw this movie, The King’s Speech, which was a great movie but the theater was empty,” Wycliffe recalls. “And this was literally just a few days after the movie came out.”

The only person in theater which could seat hundreds, Wycliffe got to thinking. Was there a better way to buy tickets for these off show-times?

After delving deep into Google, Wycliffe discovered the answer was a resounding no: there was no easy way to get discounted tickets for unpopular showtimes. But what he did find was a surprising statistic.

“I [found] that 88% of movie theater seats were empty, and that over $40 billion were spent on movie tickets, popcorn and soda,” Wycliffe says. “That’s when I got the idea for Dealflicks.”

Wycliffe found a void in consumer demand and did what a good entrepreneur does: provide the supply.

More Bang, Bang, Bang for Your Buck

The first few months after Wycliffe’s big revelation were spent driving around with cofounder Kevin Hong, hitting up theaters in their van and convincing them that Dealflicks is a win-win. Customers get cheaper tickets and theaters get butts in seats that would otherwise be empty anyway.

Today, Dealflicks has access to over 600 theaters across the United States and that number just keeps growing. Go on today and chances are you’ll be able to find a discounted ticket to a theater near you. And if not, you can easily petition your favorite local theater to jump on the Dealflicks bandwagon.

But Wycliffe wants more. Opening night, comedy shows, sports events, music concerts — he wants Dealflicks to be the first and foremost place for everything tickets.

“The grand vision is for Dealflicks to be the go-to app you use for tickets,” Wycliffe says. “That’s what excites us. That’s what gets us motivated.”

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