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3 Small New Features That Pack a Big Punch

We’re kicking things off right this new year, with 3 new features—Benefits Preview, Org Chart, and more flexible PTO. We’re calling these new features “small” because they’re smaller than a lot of the other amazing things we have in the works. But they’re great enhancements none the less, and we think you’ll love them.

Benefits Preview

Want to impress a prospective new hire with all the great benefits your company offers? Don’t send a PDF that’s more-than-likely outdated or an email with a bulleted list of benefits. Simply turn on Benefits Preview and share the link with your prospective employee. They’ll enter a few details like birth date and zip code—and we’ll give them a personalized preview of the benefits (and costs) they’ll receive, if they were to join.

To get started:

1. Log in to
2. From the dashboard, click Benefits Preview
3. Turn on Benefits Preview
4. Share the link with your prospective employee

Benefits preview

Company Org Chart

You and your employees can view your company org chart on Zenefits, RIGHT NOW. It’s already set up based on the manager-employee relationships you’ve defined in the system. You don’t have to lift a finger. Just go to the employee directory!

Org Chart Search bar

Click on a name to view direct reports under an employee or use search to quickly find employees and their reporting relationships.

Employee directory Org chart

With the new Org Chart, we’ve also introduced profile pages that your employees can view to learn more about each other. Simply hover over an employee’s name for a profile preview, or click through to get the full view. Don’t worry—only you, as an admin, have access to sensitive info. When employees visit their coworkers’ profiles, they’ll only see basic things like photo, title, department, email address, and phone number.

Employee directory Org chart preview

Multiple, Flexible PTO Policies

Last but not least, we’ve made Zenefits PTO Tracking more customizable—so you can mold it exactly the way you want, to meet your unique business needs. To get started:

1. Log in to
2. From the dashboard, go to PTO Tracking
3. Click Settings

As an admin, you can now create more than one PTO policy. Let’s say you have a PTO policy for your full-time employees. Maybe you need a modified version for key employees and a limited “sick leave + jury duty” policy for part-time employees? Now you can set up and manage all three policies with Zenefits.

Benefits premiums cost preview 

In addition, we’ve added the ability for admins to custom define a workday and workweek. We’ve realized that not everyone works from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. For example, some of your employees may work Friday to Monday. Your part-time employees may only work from noon to 5pm. Now,you can define what a workday and workweek looks like for each PTO policy you set.

Paid time off tracking workday settings 

We hope you enjoy these great new enhancements. They’re small in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference.

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