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5 Websites That Will Make You More Productive Today

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It may seem counterintuitive, but a little time spent reading each day can often lead to higher levels of productivity. Why? Because reading can teach you new ways to do things, new ways to think about things, and even jog your creativity.


Since most of us don’t have time to do much reading, the key here is to focus on the blogs and websites that are adding the most value to your life. By handpicking content that regularly teaches you something new, you can be sure your time spent reading will lead to productivity and not turn into procrastination.


Need a little help getting started? Since we spend so much time sifting through productivity advice on a regular basis, we’re sharing some of the most productivity-centered websites we know. Check ‘em out to add a little bit more reading – and a lot more productivity into your life!



99U is a powerhouse of productivity information. Visit their website and you’ll find advice to help you break through creativity blockers, hone your workflow to maximize efficiency and happiness, and so much more. Go to 99U once and you’ll get happily lost in a sea of useful information. Subscribe to their feed and you’ll learn something new everyday.



Evernote is already known for being one of the best note-taking and project management tools there is – and their blog is is holding up the same end of the bargain. While much of the content on Evernote’s blog centers around its own tools, you can still learn a lot about increasing efficiency in your work life.



Lifehacker is the go-to source for learning how to do, well, just about anything! Not sure how to peel a grapefruit? Go to Lifehacker! Can’t figure out the best way to say no to an unreasonable request? Go to Lifehacker! Subscribing to Lifehacker ensures that you’ll learn tips and tricks to boost your productivity every day.


James Clear

James Clear is a blogger with a talent for many things, but what you’ll likely find most valuable is his honest, straightforward, and in-depth advice on how to change your habits. When you receive a James Clear email, get ready for something that makes you stop and think. Advice to help you at work – but also advice to help you create a better life.


The Muse

The Muse is your one-stop-shop for career tips (and it can also help you find a job or recruit for your company). Dive into The Muse for a sea of easy-to-understand and immensely useful information that can help you no matter what stage of your career you’re in. You can subscribe to their emails for daily advice and inspiration or you could sign up for a course to get better at the specifics you need help with. This site is a must-read!

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite websites for productivity, we’d love to hear about some of yours! Let us know which websites you like the best in the comments below!