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And here’s why we acquired Abbeypost.

Sourceeasy’s mission is to make manufacturing custom clothing easy for designers, brands, startups and corporates.Key to this mission is the ability to move quickly on production decisions without compromising on quality or process.

The three key factors to making this mission a reality are:
– Building Speed and Efficiency into Ordering
– Offering Choice of Near Shore / Off Shore to build trust with the customer.
– Creating a Seamless online experience to facilitate Information flow.

Abbeypost has done significant work in 2 of these 3 areas:  

They made the ability to customize clothing on the fly their main ally in serving their customers by integrating pattern software with a specially written bridge that let them capture a few key measurements into a pattern block, customize it and spew out a custom pattern that enabled them to hit a 97% Perfect Fit ratio with their customers.

They also created an efficient, cost effective manufacturing, and fulfillment center outside of Atlanta that could turn around custom manufactured dress orders in under 48 hours. Made in USA at overseas overhead costs.

When Cynthia and I sat down last month to discuss our businesses, we realized that both our businesses were very similar in many ways.

We had many common goals, chief of which was the ability to responsively cater to small and underserved customer segments.

Cynthia probably passed over 20 leads for potential customers to us over the last year, all of whom were attacking an underserved, misunderstood niche of the clothing market.

When I discussed our strategy at Sourceeasy to build our own library of pre-fabricated pattern blocks, use off-the-shelf fabrics / pre-produced fabrics to shorten lead times and let brands and customers tailor their blocks to suit their customers’ fit, we saw great synergy in joining forces.

Sourceeasy is at an inflection point. We are poised to grow our revenues exponentially in the next 12-18 months and creating scalable, automated fit approval systems based on templates and standard blocks is critical to our scale. Abbeypost’s internal pattern and sampling systems will help us leapfrog our Template program ahead by 6-9 months.

We’ve also been asked multiple times if we can offer near-shore manufacturing to clothing brands, who wear the “Made in USA” brand on their hearts proudly. Now with Abbeypost’s capabilities, deep networks, and past experience, we can launch this production capability and capture a whole new segment of the market we could not earlier.

All in all, This is a great fit for both teams – We speak the same language, We trust each other implicitly and we see a natural convergence of thought processes.

The fact that we’re both #500Strong, from Batch 9 and have known each other for over 2 years now helped. A lot.

As part of this acquisition, Cynthia will be moving to our New York office as VP of Sales and head the “Made in USA” efforts while building out our Sales networks.

Cassaundra Bourne will continue to run the Dacula facility as a senior member of Sourceeasy’s USA Tech Design and Product Development team.

We are delighted to welcome Abbeypost to the Sourceeasy family.


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