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5 Star Wars Characters We Wished Delivered Packages

By now the whole world is geeking out over the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer, ourselves included.



After watching the preview of what could be the highlight of our Holiday season, we started wondering which Star Wars characters we’d want to deliver our packages... like any normal group of friends would.

Ok, so maybe normal people don’t think about packing after watching an epic sci-fi trailer, but we work at Pakible and that’s just kind of what we do.

So behold, from a galaxy far, far away (otherwise known as San Francisco) here’s the 5 Star Wars Characters we wished delivered our packages.


Admiral Ackbar

The Battle of Endor would of been an epic fail without this guy. Commander of the rebel armada and deliverer to one of one of the greatest lines known to man…

If Ackbar was your local mailman, fast and tactical deliveries would be the status quo. Plus he would be the ultimate mail multi-tasker with his awesome extendable chair that allowed him to dash around the command center in Episode VI.


Anakin Skywalker

Before he turned to the dark side, little Ani was a pod-racing pro turned pilot extraordinaire. Need to deliver a package light years away? No need to fret. Anakin’s daredevil tendencies mixed with his need for speed would assure you he’d do whatever it takes to complete his mission. I mean he almost cause a 100 car pile up on Coruscant chasing Zam Wessel… talk about dedication.

Take those skills, put some packages in his hands and you’re looking at one of the greatest delivery guys known on this side of the galaxy.



Another pod-racing legend. This ruthless camel-alien-man-thing wouldn’t be the first being you’d want to have a conversation with, but he would be a crazy good FedEx driver. Just look at the way he maneuvers through the canyons in the Boonta Eve Podrace.

No traffic jam could stop this guy. (Let’s just hope Ani isn’t working the same route for USPS, then we’d have a problem.)


Han Solo

Did you really think we’d forget about this guy? Aside from flying one of the most badass spaceships in the universe, this sweet-talking pilot would make one hell of delivery man.

He might not be the fastest person on this list, but his quick wit and charm will more than make up for it. Packages running late? No problem. No one could stay mad at a face like this…

Even if it was frozen in carbonite.


Padme Amidala

She may be the queen of Naboo, but this tough chick isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. (You’ve got to love a woman who can kick ass in the Geonosis Arena and look beautiful doing it.)

Padme would put all prejudices aside and make sure everyone gets their package in perfect condition and within a reasonable time. She did hold a seat in the Galactic Senate after all.

Her commitment to tradition and excellence would give you killer satisfaction ratings and help encourage your customers to become shop regulars.

Just think about it, if these characters were in charge of your deliveries you’d have happy customers all the way from Earth to DagobahBut, until USPS trucks cruising down the highway become Millennium Falcons light speeding across the galaxy, your best best for wowing your customers is with customizable boxes from your’s truly.

May the force be with you,
Your Favorite Packing Jedis