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Print of the Week – Black Spacemen on a DLP Printer

This print of the week is a bit special. Our friends over at Elite Imageworks have begun printing with our Black MS Resin and have come out with some fantastic results.

Their printer, the Deep Imager 5, is based off DLP technology and uses an LED Pico Projector. The great thing about this strain of 3D Printers is their impressive XY resolution. It can get down to the 25 micron range which has allowed them to get some incredibly detailed prints.

Black Spacemen Key Chains

Close Up Spacemen in Black MS Resin

Intricate Ring

Ring in Black MS Resin

Bobby, who’s been great and making these prints and sending them over regularly, will get a nice 25% discount off his next bottle of resin.

Want to show off your prints? Send them to [email protected] and enter for print of the week!


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