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FlexSolid: Flexible Rubber-like FDM material

FlexSolid Elastic 3D Printing Material

FlexSolid FDM Material. Elastic, rubbery material for 3D Printing.

Announcing our latest product; FlexSolid, an upgrade to FDM Printers everywhere.
FlexSolid is an elastomer filament, it will stretch, flex, bend, and bounce.

We’ve been printing up a storm here at the office, everything from shoes to soccer balls, phone cases, and wearables. FlexSolid is extremely chemical and microbial resistant and remains elastic well below -50c, it’s tough and one of the most tear resistant elastic materials period, even outside of 3D Printing. It’s completely crystal clear and will be available in colors both opaque and translucent across the entire spectrum.

Check it out: FlexSolid 1.75mm and 3.00mm

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