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Vishesh Jain Joins the Team!

A recent Magna Cum Laude graduate from Brown University, Vishesh has a passion for interdisciplinary research and precision medicine. While studying diseases of the brain, he learned about the crucial value of early diagnosis, from cancer and heart disease to neuropsychiatric disorders. Over the past four years, his scholarly pursuits have included work in neuroscience, cardiology, synthetic biology, statistics, and computer science.

As he prepares to enter the next stage of his training as a medical student, Vishesh has spent his gap year performing cardiovascular research at Stanford and exploring medical diagnostics with Bikanta. As a lab technician, he helps test protocols to coat nanodiamonds and characterizes their size and stability. However, as he tries on other hats in roles ranging from corporate communications to facilities management, Bikanta’s biotech startup environment pushes him to learn new skills, from dynamic light scattering to California compliance code.

As he looks toward his future as a physician, what excites him most about Bikanta is its potential for early cancer diagnostics. Information is power in medicine, and the earlier a diagnosis can be made, the more can be accomplished in research and in practice. To that end, Bikanta’s nanodiamonds offer a potential beacon that could propel medical advances and guide clinical treatment.