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Hempitecture's Newest Innovation: FiberPad®


Introducing FiberPad: The Next Evolution in Carpet Underlayment Technology

Sun Valley, ID — March 6, 2024 — Hempitecture is proud to introduce FiberPad, a carpet underlayment material engineered to redefine standards in impact sound transmission reduction and thermal comfort of flooring assemblies. Crafted with a blend of natural and functional fibers, FiberPad represents a sustainable leap forward, rendering traditional underlayment materials obsolete.

FiberPad Carpet Underlayment ensures exceptional durability and a supple rebound. Its density and fiber composition are meticulously designed for longevity, promising enduring performance unmatched by conventional alternatives. Unlike conventional carpet underlayment which is made up of low grade, toxic petroleum based materials, FiberPad is a healthy, biobased choice.

Key Features of FiberPad include:

  • Impact Sound Transmission Reduction: FiberPad's design effectively dampens impact sound transmission, providing a quieter, more peaceful environment.
  • Increased Thermal Comfort: With an impressive thermal resistance rating of R1.85 per half inch thickness (equivalent to R3.7 per inch), FiberPad significantly enhances thermal comfort, minimizing energy loss through floors and promoting a cozy atmosphere.
  • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing: FiberPad is manufactured with US-grown hemp fiber, a natural bast fiber known for its durability and moisture-managing properties. Hemp cultivation requires minimal pesticides or fertilizers, while also rejuvenating soil quality, making it an environmentally responsible choice. During its growth, hemp plants sequester carbon dioxide, resulting in FiberPad having a low to negative carbon footprint.
  • Safety and Compliance: FiberPad is treated with biobased fire retardants that are Red List ingredient-free, VOC-free, and non-toxic, ensuring a safe and healthy indoor environment. It has been rigorously tested in accordance with International Building Code Standards for peace of mind.

"We're thrilled to introduce FiberPad to the market, representing a significant advancement in carpet underlayment technology," said Matthew Mead, CEO of Hempitecture. "With its soft feel, unrivaled durability, thermal performance, and environmental sustainability, FiberPad is set to redefine comfort and safety standards in flooring installations."

For more information about FiberPad and Hempitectures Products, visit https://www.hempitecture.com/FIBERPAD/

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