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Fast Growth

Revenue growing 2X/yr for at least prior 6 months

🥇 First company in the US to bring sustainable hemp insulation to market.
🤝 Secured $1.1M contract from New York State Energy & Research Development Authority
️🦺 Raised $4.6M with 1800+ investors and $500k GrowNY investment award
❗HempWool Sales grew 50% YoY in 2023 and are up 200% YoY 2024YTD

Our Team

Hempitecture is a Public Benefit Corporation with a purpose to create healthy, energy efficient habitats that positively impact inhabitants as well as environment through the sequestration of Carbon Dioxide. We specialize in hemp building materials because they store carbon dioxide and can be higher performing than conventional materials.

The Future of Truly Sustainable Building Materials

Hempitecture's mission is simple: we manufacture healthy, non-toxic biobased insulation for People and Planet.

Our materials are healthier, more sustainable alternatives to conventional, toxic thermal insulation that's on the market today. We are significantly reducing embodied carbon in the built environment by using rapidly renewable plant-based feedstocks that are carbon capturing and restore rural agriculture at scale.

There is a big problem.

The issue of greenhouse gases poses a substantial threat to both human well-being and the planet. The construction and operation of buildings contribute significantly to carbon emissions, exacerbating the challenges associated with climate change. From energy-intensive construction processes, we must address the impact of greenhouse gases in the built environment.

Hempitecture is solving both the Operational and Embodied Carbon Problem

To truly make a global impact, we must focus on two things:

  1. Lower embodied carbon in building materials.
  2. The low-carbon materials we use, must contribute to energy-efficient built environments.

Which is why we've built Hempitecture!

We Have A Solution

We’ve considered a number of raw materials for a healthier materials and healthier living environments. Opting for materials that are free from harmful chemicals and allergens contributes to a safer and healthier home. Additionally, considering insulation materials with high thermal performance helps enhance energy efficiency, promoting a comfortable and sustainable living space.

And lastly we considered the impact of those materials to our planet.

Hemp is a carbon-capturing, soil-regenerating crop that requires little water to farm, needs no fertilizers or pesticides, and restores rural agriculture at scale.

Hemp sequesters ~9 Tons of CO2/acre during it's growing season.

Our competitive advantage over other biobased building materials.

In 2022, Hempitecture closed our first round of funding on Wefunder where we raised over $4,600,000 from over 1800 investors to build a manufacturing facility.

We delivered on that promise and opened the first of it's kind materials production plant in February of 2023.

We have successfully formulated our flagship product HempWool®, which is an in-cavity batt insulation made from hemp fiber.

The impact is real.

Our next big step is to build out a comprehensive family of products, for whole home solutions!

This family of products will allow buildings to achieve an unprecedented level of performance made from biobased and recycled feedstocks that allows us to realize our vision of Truly Sustainable Materials.

Introducing the ClimateSmart Enclosure: High Performance, Low-Carbon Construction

With your investment, we will be able to finalize our family of products, get certified to code compliance and commercialize at scale.

We're currently undergoing numerous certifications, with some testing and certifications already received and validated.

Together, we can continue to transform the way we experience insulation.

No more toxic materials, off-gassing, VOC's, or landfill contributions.

Why Join Us?

We have M O M E N T U M!

After closing our first round of funding in 2022, we partnered with the Department of Energy to continue developing our low-carbon insulation and bring it to market.

We were awarded $500,000 from GrowNY to expand into New York.

In 2023 we received $1,100,000 contract from the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority to add a second manufacturing facility to the east coast with hopes of bringing healthy non-toxic alternative building materials to market.

Hempitecture is at the forefront of positive environmental impact, with tailwinds positioning us for economic growth.

With your help, we have a tangible future where natural, non-toxic building materials like HempWool become the industry standard. By scaling biobased materials, we can help displace harmful, unhealthy, unsustainable products on the market today.

Help us create healthier homes, happier people and a cleaner planet.

Don't take our word for it! Check out the partners that have backed Hempitecture's mission to build a better world with healthier materials for people and planet.

Meet the Problem Solvers

We are a team of mission-minded dreamers, galvanized by the fact that we can make a measurable difference in creating better products for people and planet.

Use of Funds

Hempitecture is seeking to raise $5m through equity crowdfunding. This funding will be paired with $1.1m from NYSERDA for our next chapter.

  • Purchase 2nd manufacturing line for east coast manufacturing hub
  • Lease ~40k sqft of industrial space for east coast manufacturing hub
  • Supply chain development in coordination with fiber supply partners
  • Accelerate code compliance testing for new product offerings that we are launching in 2024
  • Accelerate marketing efforts to gain additional traction in bioinsulance space
  • Add distribution locations to lower landed-cost to customers, increasing customer acquisition rate
  • Develop blowable, loosefill hemp insulation, build prototype (small scale) production line in existing Idaho factory
  • Scale prototype line for full scale installation in east coast factory

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