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Published on Feb 16

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had so much fun chatting with Ned Hayes on Darwoft's Dare to Dream podcast about building Goddess Mousse.

The timing is special because it was exactly four years ago (2/14/2020) when the idea to turn my tofu chocolate mousse recipe into a product first struck! 💖

After a serendipitous afternoon at a hot springs with girlfriends, I naturally made mousse for our evening festivities. That night, a thought emerged: what if I could share this experience? What if I brought a product into the world?

I had no idea the path forward, or what was to come; (challenges, blessings, synchronicities, tears, joy, passion, perseverance, obsession, embarrassment, excitement, sacrifice, curiosity, awe, gratitude)… but it felt like catching a wave that swept up my whole being.

Whichever way the path unfolds, I feel love for the moment today that it’s taken me to. 🤍

Big love to all of us today!✨For dreaming, beaming, and simply being.

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