Live Oak Lake.

Published on Oct 6, 2023

Dear Valued Investors,

We are thrilled to share exciting news about our forthcoming acquisition, Live Oak Lake, an enchanting property nestled on more than 5 acres of Texan terrain. We will be the management company for this exceptional property, which features seven luxurious lakeside cabins, each with its own patio, firepit, and spa amenities.

Live Oak Lake has achieved an impressive 95% occupancy rate, with 80% of its revenue stemming from direct bookings. The property has also garnered significant attention on social media, boasting 140,000 followers on Instagram and an email subscriber base exceeding 45,000.

We firmly believe that this new venture holds tremendous promise, not only for our investors but also for our mission to simplify and make hotel ownership accessible. Initial discussions with partners are underway to establish a fund aimed at expanding the Live Oak brand. We intend to provide an exit for the fund by crowdfunding the hotel assets to our members.

In our last funding round, we achieved a remarkable milestone by securing $344,318, thanks to your unwavering support. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in our ongoing growth journey, and your early participation in our upcoming round can truly make a difference.

Warm Regards,

Nathan Kivi