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Last Funded October 2023


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Invest in a hotel fund & management co. effortlessly. 🥇
Two lifestyle hotels currently under development + a luxury cabin property is being acquired.
On track for projected $87,500 in revenue in the last few months of 2023.
Experienced team with 20+ years in the hospitality industry.

Our Team

My background is in hotel funds management with spending time working for a large brand (IHG) and a hotel management company (Valor).  I had always wished I could have invested some of my own money into these hotels - but at the time no avenue existed to allow for this. With crowdfunding this is now possible, look out hospitality!

Imagine Making Neighborhoods

Our goal is to have each individual hotel accessible to our investors, who we call “The Collective”.

Below is an example of what a typical flow of funds looks like for assets managed by HotelierCo, and how these funds are split between HotelierCo (as revenue) and to The Collective (as a net investment return).

We have two exciting hotel development projects underway. The first project takes place in Clifton Forge, Virginia, where we have acquired an existing commercial building. Drawing inspiration from the town's rich heritage in rail transportation, we are curating an extraordinary upscale lifestyle hotel. Guests will be immersed in the charm of yesteryears, as the rooms will be thoughtfully themed on some of the earliest passenger cars.

Our second venture is set in the historic town of Waxhaw, North Carolina, renowned for its prestigious past and traditional allure. Embracing the town's cultural significance, we are eager to involve the town in this exciting endeavor.

Our third project is already under contract and is on track to close in August 2023. More details on these: