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of a $55,000 goal
 $4.2M  $3.8M pre-money valuation Priced Round
Early Bird Bonus: The first $165K of investments will be at $1.10 per share and a $3.8M pre-money valuation
I am an early round inverstor - mainly seed through A. I look not only for companies with concepts and/or products that i believe can disrupt industries but also for strong management teams that can execute an idea and business plan and navigate the challenges of an early stage company to a successful exit. I have invested in the previous 2 rounds of HotelierCo (smaller amounts to test the waters) and I have watched Nathan and Scott execute their vision to a T. Their knowledge and experience in hotel acquisition and management is top level and I feel that the time is right for me to commit to a higher investment. They have not only earned my trust but have grown company valuation (and subsequently my previous investments) and I am confident in their ability to continue to do exactly the same and execute this amazing concept.


Invest in a hotel fund & management co. effortlessly. 🥇
Enjoy hassle-free ownership access to managed hotels. 🔥
Enjoy perks such as 20+% discounts and VIP treatment. 🏨
Our exciting train-themed hotel renovation in Virginia is underway. 🚂
We have a new boutique hotel development in North Carolina. 🌆
Receive profit from hotel investments, hotel management & performance promotions. 🙌
Join the hospitality revolution and own a piece of it! 🎆

Our Team

My background is in hotel funds management with spending time working for a large brand (IHG) and a hotel management company (Valor).  I had always wished I could have invested some of my own money into these hotels - but at the time no avenue existed to allow for this. With crowdfunding this is now possible, look out hospitality!

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