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(HELP, PLEASE!) Areté: Goodreads Giveaway!


Brian here with another note in our series of Areté book launch emails. 👋

Today I have an exciting, important announcement. 


(Yes, ALL CAPS BOLD!! 😳 🙌!!)

Super short version: please click on THIS link to enter our Goodreads Giveaway!!! 

Now for the super quick recap of our last couple notes, and WHY your entering that giveaway is so important!

Yesterday we chatted about how to get an advance reader copy (ARC) of both the ebook AND the audiobook. 

Check that email out here. (And see below for a fun image of the audiobook. 🤓)

The day before that, we talked about how to get our fancy Areté VIP Box PACKED with awesome goodness including an autographed ARC, Areté + Heroic t-shirts, Areté Virtue Medallion AND 10 Heroic annual memberships to make sure you’re the best gift-giver this holiday season while, very importantly, looking good while you hand your friends and family our book! 🤓 🤠 🚀  

Today’s special announcement: Our Goodreads Giveaway!!

This is REALLY REALLY REALLY important for us for a number of reasons. 

I’ll get right to the point…

I want to win the 2023 Goodreads Choice award for non-fiction this year. 

(Last year Brené Brown won it for Atlas of the Heart.)

Hitting the NYT list and sticking forever will obviously help the Heroic cause. 


For a range of reasons, winning this 2023 Goodreads Choice award could be even more impactful and catalytic. 


To win the Goodreads Choice award we need to get nominated. 

To get nominated we’ve gotta make some noise on Goodreads and get their attention.

To do that, we need to do a few things. 

First, we need to have a lot of people (YOU?!? 🤓🤞) put Areté on your “Want to read” list. 

The easiest way to do that?!?

Simply click on THIS link to enter our Goodreads Giveaway!!!

In addition to helping us catalyze the movement (thank you!!) you’ll also have a chance to win one of 100 autographed advance reader copies!

Note: If you feel so inspired, PLEASE share this email/that link with your friends so they can do the same!!

That’s all I’ve got. 

Well, that and GOOSEBUMPS gratitude to all of you who already jumped in to support the cause. 

Yes, I can’t go an email without at least ONE goosebumps moment. 😂 

Day 1. All in. 

Love and let’s go, heroes!!!



P.S. We didn’t share this image Michael created for our advance audiobook. It’s so great I have to share. 

Get your advance audiobook and ebook with the purchase of three copies from your favorite book seller:

Amazon​ | Barnes & Noble​ | Indie

Then tell us here and we’ll IMMEDIATELY send you your advance reader and listener copies!!

P.P.S. Heroic social is INCREDIBLY inspiring. Wow wow wow. I’m blown away by all of you and all the awesome we’re going to create together. 

THIS is what an answer to The Social Dilemma looks like—leveraging the absolute best of social and persuasive technology to help bring out the absolute best in each of us so we can change the world, one person at a time, starting with you and me and ALL of us TOGETHER today. 

P.P.P.S. Heroic is a history-making, crowdfunded Public Benefit Corporation committed to changing the world by running our business the way we think our heroes would—with wisdom, discipline, courage, and love. 

We’re blessed to have the support of 3,000 investors (just like you!) from over 75 countries around the world.

Would you like to become one of our Early-Stage Heroic Investors and own a piece of our movement while supporting us in our Mission to change the world? You can invest as little as $100 or as much as $100,000+.

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