What role can TransitNet play in the crypto ecosystem? Thoughts from our lead investor 💡

invitee @ TransitNet

Published on Sep 6, 2022

We are thrilled to have so many impressive investors in TransitNet’s community round. All of you are part of something big, and collectively we are expanding the crypto ecosystem.

To shed light on the opportunity here, we asked our lead investor and trusted advisor, Dr. Stephen Roulac, to share his perspective about the role TransitNet will play in the crypto ecosystem, why it is needed now more than ever, and why TransitNet is positioned for success:

Dr. Roulac has an impressive background in innovation, technology and investing. Some highlights:

  • He’s advised companies including Apple
  • He has degrees from Harvard, Stanford and UC Berkeley
  • He has taught at Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley
  • He’s the only person in the world to have graduated with degrees from and also held academic positions at these universities -- so you could say he knows his stuff! 
  • This is also Dr. Roulac’s second time investing in TransitNet, so he knows us well.

Do you want to join Dr. Roulac and hundreds of other smart investors to support TranstitNet’s mission to secure the future of crypto?

Invest or increase your investment now before early bird terms are sold out!


P.S. Want to learn more? Expand the description on the video's YouTube page for links to additional videos from Dr. Roulac.