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We believe crypto holds great promise, but only if it enters the mainstream and becomes more widely used. Many requirements of investors cannot be met without title and the right infrastructure: proof of reserve, use as collateral, and ability to insure.

Why TransitNet?

Now more than ever, the crypto industry needs infrastructure to increase security, transparency, and oversight.

TransitNet is the world's first crypto proof-of-ownership registry – a registered record of ownership, much like titles for land and other secured assets, that can be securely shared in order to facilitate financial transactions.

We are building the missing infrastructure to safeguard trillions of dollars in crypto assets and revolutionize Web3.

More and more investors are falling victim to scams, theft, rug pulls, lost keys, criminal activity, and hackers as the crypto market grows. At least $3B worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from victims worldwide in 2021 alone, an 80% rise over 2020.

Many investors choose to self-host their wallets, which allows them to transact over the internet on a peer-to-peer basis without a financial intermediary. However, self-hosting your crypto wallet is like keeping cash under your mattress—a convenient but risky choice—and cryptocurrency can be lost as quickly as files on your computer.

Unlike financial industries with decades-old security measures, the crypto market does not possess infrastructure that can secure and facilitate transactions. Instead, each crypto holder must operate as their own bank.

The result? Widespread frustration, as well as utility and digital asset losses. What’s more, fewer investors end up entering the market.

Most crypto users we’ve talked to have told us that they’re constantly watching explainer videos on YouTube to figure out how to do the simplest things. These are very smart people, but managing and transacting digital assets is that opaque and complex.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that way.

TransitNet’s ethos is simple and revolutionary: the right infrastructure can make crypto safer and more useful.   

Our first-of-its-kind platform allows investors to verify ownership, monitor asset movements, and securely exchange information with other parties before sending or receiving crypto. Investors can also provide proof of their assets to outside parties when necessary—to apply for a loan, for example, or to donate to charities.

So far, our feedback has been phenomenal. We’ve confirmed several use cases for our solution, and our testers are telling us that TransitNet will be a game-changer for this asset class. We’re minimizing the risks of crypto ownership—and increasing its utility. Combined, these benefits will unlock crypto’s mass market potential.

Our team is equipped with the expertise and experience necessary to revolutionize crypto and Web3.

Together, we built CapLinked, a venture-backed software company. Its SaaS product, which enables secure information sharing, is used by leaders like Amazon, Hess, KPMG, and Roche.

Now, we’re turning our attention to crypto and retail investors—and the timing’s never been better.

The multi trillion-dollar crypto market is already massive—and with more and more investors entering the space, it’s expanding at record speed. In fact, crypto investing is growing even faster than retail investing: 16% of American adults have invested in, traded, or otherwise used cryptocurrencies. For men between the ages of 18 and 29, that figure rises to 43%.

As a result, infrastructure that can support the market and its investors has become a crucial need. Financial infrastructure for crypto is already a $45B industry, part of a $325B global fintech market that’s growing at a CAGR of 25%. Today, the market is fueled by exponential interest in NFTs and Web3.

Note: Forward-looking financial projections cannot be guaranteed.

For a nominal subscription fee, TransitNet will safeguard billions of dollars’ worth of crypto assets, delivering peace of mind to millions of investors.

NOW is the time to invest. This opportunity is unprecedented: after all, cryptocurrency and Web3 are already changing the way we do business. You only get so many chances to be part of a revolutionary solution from the ground up. Don’t miss out.