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Our March numbers are in!

1. March Ticket Sales/Transactions. While we were aiming for ~20,000 tickets in March, we ended up selling 23795 tickets in March. Here's tickets per transaction. We're shooting for ~30,000 tickets in April.

2. March Revenues. Here's our gross revenue pulled from Quickbooks.

3. Theater Acquisition. Our sales team added 51 new signed locations in March, bringing our total current signed theaters to 332 locations. We ended up having a huge CinemaCon, here's a picture of all the new theaters/locations we signed at the convention within 72 hours. We also met with Carmike (#4 largest chain in US) and they gave us a verbal commitment to try some sort of test/pilot soon. Marcus (#6 largest chain in US) also gave us a verbal commitment to start with Dealflicks with a few locations. These larger deals might take a little bit to formulate, but we have some really good momentum right now :)

4. Users: Here's a chart of our user growth by month.

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