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Game Changer! Introducing Free Music Distribution 😱

on Nov 11 2021
Founder & CEO of Vampr

Today we are pleased to announce that Vampr is now offering free music distribution to all our users!

Here’s how it works:

Regular Vampr users can now send their music to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all leading DSPs free of charge while keeping 80% of their royalties.

Vampr Pro members will have access to the same service but will instead keep 100% of their royalties when it comes time to cash out 💰

We expect this move to be a game changer from a user acquisition standpoint and also opens up a new stream of revenue for the company.

We can’t wait to be the proud distributor of over 1M talented rising stars - here’s to the moon ✨🚀

Checkout the new distribution page or invest in Vampr today for as little as $250 at