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Published on Jun 23, 2021

Brazen Bio is very pleased to have the legendary Lisa A. Haile, JD, PhD as a founding Brazen Advisory Board member and as a founding member of our Senior Fellowship*!

What makes Dr. Lisa Haile brazen? She has distinguished herself professionally by having handled patents for 8 Nobel Prize Laureates. To our knowledge, this is unmatched by any other intellectual property (IP) attorney!

As a Partner at DLA Piper and an IP attorney for 30 years, she concentrates on patent protection with special technical experience in the life sciences. This includes molecular biology, immunology, plant biotechnology, cell biology, diagnostics, therapeutics, virology, vaccines, drug delivery systems, gene editing systems, stem cells, and bioinformatics.

In addition, she has particular experience with patentability, non-infringement, and validity opinions. Further, she has an exceptional track-record in due diligence work in connection with venture capital, private, and public financing, mergers and acquisitions in the life sciences industry. She also specializes in strategic counseling for comprehensive life sciences patent portfolio management.

Dr. Shawn Carbonell, cofounder and CEO of Brazen Bio, worked with Dr. Haile for nearly a decade at his first biotech startup, OncoSynergy, Inc, where she was their IP counsel. They also have been working together for the last year through the brain cancer 501(c)(3) nonprofit Dr. Carbonell cofounded with Barbie Blank, Cure Glioblastoma (pictured above).

Taken together, Lisa is truly a powerhouse in the biopharma IP field, which will be invaluable for biotech founders and startups alike here at Brazen Bio.

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*Brazen Bio Senior Fellows are subject matter experts, industry veterans and professionals with established track records of success. They serve as internal consultants for Brazen Bio and make themselves available to support Brazen Fellows during and after the program. Above all, these are wonderful people whom we all love working with and appreciate tremendously!