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ISE.Media Update

on Apr 29
Ben Swann is a 2x Emmy Award winner and 3x Edward R. Murrow Award winning investigative journalist & founder of the Truth in Media Project.

Dear WeFunder supporters,

We have had an incredible last few months since the closing of our WeFunder crowd fund. I want to give you an idea of what is currently happening with the project. In light of what has happened over the past few months with the de-platforming of platforms such as Parler and MeWe, we have put our efforts toward building a censorship proof platform, a platform that cannot be removed by big tech collision no matter what. We have also been working with experts to not only design that system but to recruit some of the most censored content creators. 

Presently, we looking at a potential launch date of September for this fully secured site.  We will continue to update you on our progress as we move closer to the official launch of the platform. It will be absolutely game changing! 

Thanks again for your support as we continue to move forward and break new ground.


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