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Weekly Update: Mid-April 2021

on Apr 18
CEO & Co-Founder

Happy Sunday! My apologies for being delayed by 2-days this week, we've been working hard to tie up some loose ends for the week. We raised additional funding this week bringing us closer to our $50,000 goal. 

Here's This Week's Update: 

  • We're sending over our updates to the contract with our Biller Vendor this week and hope to hear back from them before the end of the week. As I mentioned last week, we want this done right to ensure long-term financial success for Splitsy. We have some advisors and legal counsel providing guidance on this along the way. 
  • We have applied for the RVCC Challenge for a prize grant of up to $15,000 from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. We will find out on 04/23 on our status and will pitch on 4/30 for the prize. With 04/23 being this Friday, I will wait to post the weekly update until we hear about our status for RVCC. We're confident we're one of the top contenders in this competition and should be in a good spot to receive the funding! 
  • Our application to Arch Grants of up to $50,000 in Grant Funding is due 04/30 so we are working closely with a Small Business Development Coach (who prepped us for Digital Sandbox) to ensure our application is near perfection. Shortly after, we will then be applying for the Falls Fintech program with similar application material. One of our advisors completed Falls Fintech previously, so we are working closely with them on our application. 
  • New Business Developments: We've developed some cool high-level business ideas around the core functionality of our product. We're keeping these under wraps until we have UI/UX designs and confirmed with our bank that we can accomplish these items. As soon as we're confident in sharing these, we'll post them here on WeFunder. We may reach out to our existing investors directly for feedback.  
  • Product Demo: Our app development team is working hard to finish out our MVP product. No product demo to display this week, but we're hoping our 04/23 or 04/30 update should have a demo to share! 
  • Wait-List: If you haven't already, please sign-up for our Wait-List on our website to secure your spot to be a beta user and have early access to new features and customer feedback reviews. 

If you are following this campaign (or have already invested) and have any questions about Splitsy, you can schedule a time to chat with me on Calendly! If you're ready to invest, you can do so here.

On Behalf of the Splitsy Team,

Brad Starnes
CEO & Co-Founder