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Pit Liquor

Marketing Moves

on Feb 19

Hey investors!

We've had some sweet things happening in the world of marketing. Our marketing partner, Raindrop, decided to raise their prices without increasing their outputs, so we decided to move on. 

With that, we heard from the person who was running our media buying through Raindrop and he said he really likes running our account. So, Antonin Gaillou is going to continue running our account (he's done a great job so far, and we've streamlined communication with him about scaling, so we're already making progress on scaling). Get this: We get to pay half the cost we were spending with Raindrop and continue to have Antonin working on our account the same way he has been. We're planning to hire a marketing team once we close this funding, but until then, we're set up well to start scaling.

In addition to Antonin, we're excited to have Melanie Allen on our team KILLING it on social media work. She joined us provisionally in December and she's been doing an absolutely stellar job. You'll see her work everywhere you see us. Whether we're on a podcast interview, running a live video, sharing about this campaign or our products, she's the mastermind behind the genius.

And finally, we're bringing in Cindy Skalicky for work on PR while we prepare to hire a team in-house in May. Cindy's the person who literally saved my bacon by prepping me to talk to a group of 300 investors. I can be charming in small settings, but I used to absolutely choke in front of people, and she reformed me in one week into someone who can confidently deliver a message. 

You'll see these new people on our team page. Check them out! They're pretty wonderful. And it's just the tip of the iceberg.

With this, we've decided to hire a marketing team and we're STOKED. We're also beginning the process of commissioning some high value assets (a hero video and videos to support it) to place into our marketing. 

Our choice to engage Raindrop back in August was a sound choice that put us on track to make the moves we're making now. February is on track to show 20% growth over January and we hope to execute the same growth in March despite March often being a low month for us (not so much last year since we pivoted with hand sanitizer during the start of COVID in the USA). The best part is we're scaling without hemorrhaging money, so we are in a sustainable space and can spend investment dollars on growth dynamics, not on propping up current operations.

Moving the Biz

We have been rapidly outgrowing our warehouse, and we've decided to pull some strings to make it work for the longer term so we can get into a new build to satisfy fire department regulations for growth. Basically, we need a hazard-rated space to be able to grow without further oversight from the fire department.  

For now, we're moving the bottles (and soon the alcohol, pending the purchase of a solar-panel-run climate controlled shipping container) to shipping containers in the parking lot so we can maximize the warehouse as we search for a new one. 

We're making room to bring in people for marketing and operations. It's an exciting time.