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An Ask: Can you introduce us to advertisers or marketers in CPG, Cosmetics, or Automotive?

on Feb 17
Founder and CEO @ Cortex - Techstars Boston 2020. Founder @ Pandemic Labs - Inc5000. Unlocking the power of the world's creators with A.I.

Hello Cortex Fam. We’re here with our first ask of the 1,000+ newer members of The Fam.  

Can you introduce us to any marketers and advertisers you know at large brands?

As you've seen in our updates, we’re really hitting our stride recently (and our last two customers have closed in less than a week from meeting them!), so the intro will make you look good, we promise. :)

We are likely to be a fit for marketers and advertisers at any large company or brand, but we have a special love for Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Beauty, Automotive, and Travel & Hospitality companies.

Geography is mostly irrelevant for us, but we recently have been selling extra well in Japan and Europe. So if you have contacts there, we can build on our momentum.

In fact, we've made it SUPER easy to find out if you know anyone who might be a fit. Just click here.  If you have LinkedIn and are signed in, this will take you directly to a search of people we'd like to meet. And you can see if any of your direct connections are interesting to us. 

If you know anyone at those companies, just connect us at (a dedicated email just for you guys) we’ll handle the rest. We’re good at this part - the team is trained and the technology is impressive.

MANY thanks in advance for the help.