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Pharm Robotics

We Just Launched! Our Solution to a HUGE Problem in Dairy.

on Jan 12

Pharm Robotics is an AgTech company on a mission to improve animal health standards and farmers' profitability! Farmers around the world struggle to achieve high compliance when giving vaccines, reproductive products, liquid vitamins, and trace minerals to their cows. This is currently done by hand and on a dairy with over 3,000 cows, when using certain immunization and reproductive protocols, farmers give about 54,000 shots annually. When shots are given incorrectly or missed entirely in accordance with their individual protocols, dairy cows miss out on the potential of increasing pregnancy rates and immunization while the dairy farmer incurs high labor costs and misses out on potential revenue opportunities with their herd. 

Our solution is to automate this process with a robotic injection system so that cows receive all of their scheduled shots on time and this data is automatically uploaded into the dairy farmers' herd management system. As a result, farmers will no longer have problems with high compliance, labor costs will be reduced by no longer needing employees in this part of the operation, and revenue opportunities for could be realized from greater pregnancy rates, immunization, and milk yields. Our solution to this industry problem is a win-win for both the health of cows and dairy farmers!