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Picking your “Why you may want to invest in us… ” points.

on Jan 11, 2021
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What should you highlight in these points?

Excite investors with your businesses' proudest numbers and most revealing accomplishments. Every single point should elicit an "Holy crap!" 

Your growth. Investors want to see how you've grown. Including your rate of growth goes a long way (i.e. Write “3x revenue growth from 2018 to 2019. On track for $3M this year.” instead of simply “$3M revenue this year).

Your most impressive metrics. Highlight name-brand customers/users, customer retention, total number of items sold, etc. You could also mention $ previously raised.

Your team. Be sure to include 1-2 points about your team. Show, don’t tell investors why you’re the best people to do the job. Mention notable investors/partners/advisors too.

Here's an example list:

1. Growth metric. Be specific. "We have $-- in revenue, doubling every year." is more convincing than "We're growing fast."

2. More metrics. "# of customers, including X, Y and Z. Growing 10% month-over-month."

3. Previously raised. $ from # investors. Mention any notable investors.

4. Team. "CEO did this. COO did that. Advisors include..." Boom.

5. Partners. "Strategic partnership with X since 2018."

6. Market. "$2B market with 40% CAGR." If applicable, mention market growth.


Don’t save the best for last. Prioritize your top 1-3 points — these will show up on your company card in the Explore page (once you hit $5K).

Keep ‘em short! This isn’t the place for paragraphs – they’ll be pulled for automatic marketing copy and eventually your company’s “card” for the Explore page. Make ‘em clear, punchy bullet points. 

Check out more profile tips here and a full video tutorial here.