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Building your pitch deck.

on Jan 8
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How does a pitch deck factor into your Wefunder raise?

You can upload slides from your pitch deck to build out most of your campaign page. You can also build it out from scratch if you prefer – it's just a bit more labor intensive.

How many slides should you include in your pitch deck?

8-12 slides, with any critical ones closer to the top.

What should you highlight in these slides?

Here’s what we recommend for content and ordering.

Intro. Introduce your company’s name, logo, and tagline.

      Problem. Articulate the problem your company solves in 1 sentence.

      Solution. Share a picture of your product/service. Also include your value proposition – the unique way your product solves the problem.

      Team. Introduce your team with pictures and mini bios. Throw in the logos of your team's alma maters, previous companies, accelerator programs – you name it!

      Traction. Provide an overview of your traction since founding. Consider a timeline of your past ~5 major milestones.

      Growth. Show growth with a line graph of revenue, customers, users – whatever is applicable.

      Market. Use a graph or chart to illustrate market size. Show both current size and projected growth, if applicable! (Be sure to emphasize that growth estimates are projections that cannot be guaranteed if you include 'em!)

      How it works. Describe how your product works in 3 steps with a picture or icon for each.

      Competition. Include a competitive analysis chart to show what differentiates your product from others & how it's better.

      Business model. Outline how your company generates revenue – investors want to know!

      Use of funds. Include 1-2 pie charts detailing how you’ll use funds, given you raise your minimum and/or maximum on Wefunder.

      Game plan. Offer a timeline of your next ~5 key milestones for the next year or so.

      Example pitch decks.



      Sunstate Laboratories.

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