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What's Your Investing Style?

on Nov 10 2020
Meg is the Chief Relationship Officer at CoPeace. Her role and passions center around serving people, solving problems, and achieving goals.

For many hardworking people, investing is only a pipe dream. Perhaps it seems like a concept designed exclusively for the wealthy or an MIT-level math problem that only a true genius can solve. Nothing could be further from the truth in our community! We founded CoPeace on the premise that anyone — no matter what your income level is — should have the opportunity to invest. To put your money where your values are. And to watch your money grow over time.

Managing money is an incredibly personal topic and one that’s often taboo to speak of. We’re not going to ask you any questions about your personal finances. Still, we thought it would be fun to outline a few “investing avatars” and how these investing styles fit into CoPeace as you consider an impact investing journey with us.

The All-Or-Nothing Investor

Let’s face it, some people in the world know what they want, and they’re not afraid to go for it. They go ALL IN. (Or all out, for that matter.) The All-Or-Nothing Investor is fearless. When she finds a cause she believes in, she pours her heart and soul completely into it. However, when she discovers a nugget of information that doesn’t align with her expectations… she’s out. Investing in impact is a driver of many investors who go all in — if supporting causes that better the people and planet lights you up — we’re excited to have you here!

Jill of All Trades

In contrast to the All-Or-Nothing Investors, the Jill of All Trades is passionate about diversification. She enjoys spreading her investments over multiple channels — a little investment here, a small investment there — to keep her on her toes. Investments in CoPeace fit nicely into the Jill of All Trades’ portfolio. Our unique holding company model, our B Corp status, our PBC status, and our commitment to selecting holdings that focus on positive social and environmental impact fill a critical position in many investors' broader portfolios.

Meticulous Option-Weigher

The investors who like data and weigh the pros and cons before making an investment are the Meticulous Option-Weighers. These investors don’t make quick decisions. They want to deeply understand the details of each investment they consider, from analyzing financials to measuring impact to finding partnerships that feel like the right fit. Meticulous Option-Weighers have a deep appreciation of our Head + Heart + Math approach to selecting our holdings.

So we have to ask… which avatar are you? How does CoPeace fit into your investment strategy?