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Cheating to Compete - How Tradefox is Making a Difference

on Aug 20 2020
I am a serial entrepreneur with a background in the waste and recycling industry, international trade and web based technologies.

Dave Barton penned a new article on Tradefox this week, which succinctly describes a serious problem facing suppliers and buyers of recyclables. 

Clever suppliers have learned how to pull the wool over the eyes of their buyers and are putting pressure on other companies to follow suit. A supplier that mixes poor quality material in with the requested grade can earn enough extra margin to beat the good suppliers' bids for raw materials. This creates downward pressure on pricing and makes it very difficult for scrap exporters with integrity to pay for the cost of doing business the right way. 

This is where Tradefox comes in. Through the naming and shaming of bad suppliers and by rewarding good suppliers with high ratings, buyers are able to avoid losses and more easily find trustworthy suppliers to do business with. When a buyer trusts a supplier's reputation, they are willing to pay more which helps honest scrap recyclers thrive. 

We love our role at Tradefox of turning the vicious cycle of scrap quality into a virtuous one!  If you want to be a part of this change for good, please invest and tell your friends about us. Only 11 days left before our WeFunder campaign closes!

Check out Dave's article here.

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