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fetch! Dog Treats

Moving Along. Over Halfway To Reaching Our Early Bird Cut-Off

on Aug 12 2020
Jackie Lovern and John Griveas are co-owners of fetch! Dog Treats. Jackie founded fetch! in 2012. John is a Navy veteran and father of two.

The campaign is warming up, and we see more followers and more activity every day, thank you to those that have invested already, we appreciate you all!

I am working on something right now that may allow us to get our new packaging printed and restart production before the campaign wraps. I do not have a ton of details yet, but if we can make it happen, that may go a long way in erasing even more of the negative impact that this pandemic has had on our business by allowing us to take full advantage of Q4 sales. Send good vibes friends.

There's a little more than $20,000 to go in the Early Bird. One-thousand units right now will cost only $830 to invest, one the Early Bird is over that will increase to $1110, so act soon!

Have a pawsome day!

~John G