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Mammalz Progress Report: User Experience - Retention Strategies, Feedback, and The Future Mammalz Experience (Click here for details and key points)

on Jul 28 2020

Head of User Experience, Sabrina Rodriguez recounts our experiments in user retention, discussing the successes and pitfalls as well as where we plan to take our user experience moving forward.

Key Points:

-We gained rich knowledge of our types of users via Instabug implementation.

-First investments in Wefunder allowed us to revamp our onboarding process and therefore, our first impression on new users.

- In reviewing community feedback, engagement rates, and usage trends, we found that with our transparency of the Mammalz mission and the culture we created on the platform, Mammalz had successfully established itself as a place for people who love nature to come together to support not only the natural world but each other as well.

-Where we fell short in our findings, was in aspects of our UI (user interface). We found that the UI we have now, drives our users to fall into stereotypical social media behaviors, leaving behind the potential for rich engagement and opportunity to make larger social and environmental impacts on the platform.

-Our next step is to do a complete redesign of Mammalz UI, centered around creating a stronger sense community, democratizing opportunity to make popular content, and monetize content more effectively.

-Mammalz plans to make this new design focus on live streaming which we found to be the most actively engaging content. Additionally, we will be adding various engagement tools such as more custom ways to chat, branded overlays for our live streamers, the first of our tipping tools.

-Mammalz has the potential to be the go-to place for entertainment, community, and environmental change.