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First update from Kiwibot's team

on Oct 20 2020

The manufacturing phase Started! the kiwibot 4.0 will be the most advanced sidewalk food delivery robot ever created. This is a process we started in 2019 and is the outcome of years of in-field testing and hundreds of thousands of deliveries. 

We will ship the initial fleet of Kiwibots 4.0 in January 2021. 

Kiwibot 4.0 splash 
First sample Carbon fiber Case in our assembly office in Taiwan 

Manufacturing timeline: 

Sodexo's Launch

New Kiwibot 4.0 that will be used next year with Sodexo

Sodexo manages 2,000 restaurants and dining halls in +400 college campuses in the U.S, we signed a 1-year contract and we are starting with University of Denver. This included a setup fee, the first trial will be from October to November 20th in Denver, and we'll open the 3 locations in February 2021. 

We already completed our first 50 deliveries since our launch last week! 🎉🎉

👉You can have more details about the launch