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Parlay Cafe

NEWS from Parlay Cafe About Franchising (click here for full article and pics...)

on Jun 16 2020

Are You Interested in Opening a Parlay Cafe Franchise?  Recent exposure from the launch of our Wefunder campaign has generated a huge influx of franchise inquiries, so we decided to create a special perk for investors who also want to open a Parlay Cafe franchise!  If you invest between $5,000-$35,000 in our Wefunder campaign you will receive a credit of the same amount toward your first franchise fee. By taking advantage of this program, our early franchisees will have an equity stake in the parent company in addition to the benefits of owning a Parlay Cafe franchise of their own!

We opened our proof-of-concept location in Temecula, CA just over a year ago, and it was obvious from the start we had a winning concept - providing a Haven for Home-Based Workers and Digital Nomads.  We used the recent down time during the pandemic to do some fine tuning, and create a truly safe, secure and desirable environment for our Members, Employees and Customers with systems and solutions that will be duplicated in every new Parlay Cafe location - take a look...

The lobby and coffee bar are open to the public. The Members Lounge is beyond the glass door...
To enter the Members Lounge this PopID device scans the member's face and temperature - if the member is recognized - AND - does not have a fever, the system triggers the lock and allows entry to the Members Lounge.
The Members Lounge offers a combination of work spaces and lounge spaces.
The Members Lounge also offers phone booths, super high speed and secure wi-fi, day use lockers, and private restrooms - all secluded from the grinders, blenders and other distractions in the lobby.