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COVID-19 Face Shields Update

on Apr 12 2020

The last week has been very gratifying in being able to supply face shields to healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19.  Our team at WhiteClouds has been fully dedicated in their efforts to build the best face shields.  We have gone through many versions and we are continually trying to improve the product and the production processes.  Everyone has been so willing to help and has felt the urgency of what we are doing.

We have had orders for 22,649 units.  We have increased production day-by-day and can now produce 3,500 units per day.  Our biggest challenge is being able to acquire the raw materials, but we keep pushing through and every day we find new sources.  

Many of you have been extremely supportive in supplying leads, new production ideas, and even making purchases to donate to hospitals.  Below is a picture of St. Vincent Hospital healthcare workers wearing our face shields - these were donated to the hospital from a purchase from one of our investors.

The feedback we are getting is that our face shields are very comfortable and easy to adjust.  We have added private label branding printed onto the shields (see below).  Being able to ship to multiple locations from a single order is another big differentiator.  Made in the USA is now carrying more emphasis in the sales process than we have ever seen.   Our biggest surprise has been how many non-healthcare companies have been ordering - automobile service centers, food manufacturers, and grain mill producers to name a few.  

If you want to learn more, you can visit us at:

Thanks for all of your continued support.  Be Safe!!!!   Jerry