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Skeptic Distillery

Cranking out the Hand Sanitizer!

on Apr 4 2020
I'm the founder of Skeptic Distillery. I love building brands from scratch in new ways, and being a dad to my 2 kids, Emma (9) and Owen (10)

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post here to get you up to speed on what we're working on during the crisis and all.  I view this as an opportunity to do some in-house projects as well as leverage our ability as a distillery to support the local medical personnel, postal workers, etc. to stay healthy.  Hand sanitizer use must be up over 1000% in these crazy times!!  We shipped our first 120 gallons of sanitizer in 1/2 gallon containers through our partners at Social Change to those in need in South Side hospitals and such, as well as a couple cases to the hospital that helped my grandmother during her last years, Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.  I've got another 36 cases going to the Postal Union tomorrow morning.  

The people doing the deliveries here are the true heroes.  Shout out to Ernesto (on the right in the pic) and the guy on the left (I didn't get his name, unfortunately...) for picking up and delivering these.  Tomorrow morning I believe a post office truck is coming to pick up the remainder.  Don't forget about your postal workers, UPS,  FedEx and Amazon workers who have to handle all these freakin' packages!  Thank goodness for them and the other people making deliveries or we'd all be screwed!  

I know money is tight right now for everybody, but if you have some left over and want to chuck it our way, we'll be extremely grateful.  Our round is closing in 13 days, and there's only about $7k left of early bird terms.  We are actually in pretty good shape, not in any concern over closing down or not paying our employees.  If there's one thing we're good at, it's adapting and working around obstacles.  We've actually begun demo-ing the distillery front area where we intend to build the tasting room, since we're shut in (at least between home and the distillery), in preparation for building out that tasting room, etc.  We're good at doing a lot with a little!!

Stay safe, stay home and stay awesome!  Cheers!

- Karl