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Le Bread Xpress

Help Small Businesses. Extension Wefunder Campaign to April 30th - COVID-19

on Mar 18 2020
Entrepreneur CEO/Founder Le Bread Xpress

All, obviously all of us are being impacted by the COVID-19. it has a terrible impact on our daily life and the economy. I do hope first and foremost that you and your family are still healthy and safe.

 I have seen many of my friends small businesses closing or laying off employees.   Le Bread Xpress has been well prepared and so far so good.
But Cash is king and we can get out stronger from this crisis, by investing.

I just had a call from Microsoft yesterday and they want Machines for their you can imagine this will only happen in 3 to 4 months (they are located in one of the epicenter of the virus in USA, Seattle) . A large distributor on the East Coast wants also to operate our machines. and the UAE foundation is ready to order, in May 2020, 10 machines.

This added to 10 to 20 machines for Compass , we have a great pre-order list!! I want to start building them now! and want to order them to be ready in few months ...

Situation in China is much better and our factory is back to full operation!

If you are an existing  shareholders in Le Bread Xpress:  Please become an evangelist and share the wefunder link ( ) on your network! This is very very important and the best way to be visible. Post on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, reach out friends or contacts within your network!! You can also add more to your initial investment!  But please just SHARE :) 

If you are a Follower: Well it is time to invest...growth is there and we need the working capital now to hire and pre-order machines !!  Valuation is $10M today and we are planning our series A (now pushed to end of 2020) to raise $5 to $7M for a valuation of $35 to $50M. Stock market just crash like never! This is an opportunity to diversify and potentially get a much greater return.

Thanks to All. 

Be Safe. Wash your Hands, Wear Masks. Stay Home. few more weeks and we will beat this virus!


PS I just flew from a long sunny week end in Arizona after visiting my kids on Monday afternoon, just hours before they announced that North California will have a shelter-in-place (like a quarantine). So I am now locked in my house, by myself, with 50 DegF and rain. But this is where I need to be and I am here continue our wonderful journey...