Le Bread Xpress

Revolutionary Micro-Bakery Which Bakes Fresh Pizza and Pastry in Seconds, 24/7

Last Funded April 2020


raised from 246 investors


We are starting to generate revenue ($130,000 in Q3 2019)
10 machines are on order, with contractual option to sell 65 additional machines within the next 6 months
Customers include UC Berkeley and a large automotive manufacturer
Agreement signed with the world's largest food service operator for initial deployment in California

Our Team

The Story of Le Bread Xpress

The passion for baking runs in the family, as my grandfather was a baker in France.  Le Bread Xpress is my way of continuing what my grandfather started 80 years ago, but with a new, modern twist.  Bread is a staple of daily life, not only in France, but across the world.  

Photo of my grandfather and father in the 1940s in front of their bakery in Nantes, France

After moving to the US, my daily quest became locating the best bread.  Most findings lacked freshness or quality.  Meanwhile, an innovative baguette machine in France provided the perfect inspiration, and I resolved to bring this technology and new concept of the micro-bakery to the US market.

The Micro-Bakery - Bake Xpress

New concept: from bread to baked goods

Evolving from our original vending machine concept Le Bread Xpress, we developed "Bakery in a box," a versatile micro-baking machine that can store and deliver a wide range of high-quality, delicious fresh products, 24/7 - anytime and on-demand.  Enter the new concept we call Bake Xpress.

Superior products from legendary La Boulangerie

To ensure customer satisfaction, we partnered with San Francisco's high-quality supplier La Boulangerie, known for its authenticity and unrivaled standards.  La Boulangerie is currently experiencing a remarkable expansion.   Read about it hereDelicious baked goods range from thin-crust pizzas to sweet or savory croissants.  

Modern technology

The machine is now available in and released to the US market. Its advanced technology answers the needs of millennials for fast, high-quality fare with:

  • 55" touch screen for easy menu selection
  • Ability to display ads on the screen
  • Cloud-based remote monitoring, alerts, and inventory management
  • Cashless payment functionality, including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay

    Standing out above the rest

    No other vending machine manufacturers offer our flexibility. Others are typically single product. We offer unlimited selection of food items and adjust the baking time accordingly.

    Our other key differentiator is our full solution, from providing the technology to the quality food items and all needed support.   

    We have multiple IP with the manufacturer as well as several breakthrough IPs currently in progress.

    $30B Market for Unattended Retail

    According to Accumen Research, the global intelligent vending machines market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 14.5% in the coming years. The worldwide shipments are anticipated to exceed 6 million units by 2026.  Also, the market is anticipated to reach over USD 34.3 billion by 2026*.

    Existing Traction

    We are already on the map for robotic food vendors:

    2019 so far has produced great results, having achieved certifications for our new machine.  Additionally, our first multi-products machines start operations in August 2019, with 6 more coming onboard in September 2019.

    After successful implementation, we expect orders for 65 machines.

    Multiple Revenue Sources 

    Revenue is generated from:

    • Machine sales
    • Items sold directly to customers 
    • License fees on each machine 
    • On-screen advertisements 

    Revenue Plan

    We are starting to generate revenue ($130 k for Q3 2019).

    Revenue breakdown for an operator:

    With a pizza sale price of $8, a pizza cost of $2, and selling 50 per day for example, each machine can generate $12,000 of revenue per month

    Cost breakdown/profit below is for ONE machine:

    We plan to sell 100's machines in 2020.

    Existing pizza machines sell between $40,000 and $50,000 in Europe and USA.