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Aptera Motors

Aptera's first cuts!

on Feb 15 2020

We've been finalizing body parts and the cutting has begun!

This is our first "plug" being produced. It's for our hood inner liner and it will serve to make a "mold" which we will then use to make resin-infused composite parts for our development vehicles. If there are no changes after validation this could be our first production tool!

We also have our investor perks coming together. A final polish and these will be ready to ship along with our art prints(still at the printer) to everyone! We will send out an e-mail next week with a link to get your address for shipping. Don't miss out if you haven't invested yet. And you can always increase your current investment amount to unlock the larger perks ;)

We now have over 800 investors and we can't thank everyone enough for their support! Please share our story if you can and be on the lookout for a steady stream of updates!